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Endurance 2040+

British Triathlon's Sustainability Strategy

In October 2023, we launched our sustainability strategy, Endurance 2040+, the next step in our commitment to be net-zero by 2040 and protect the natural environment.  Triathlon, like many other sports, relies on our planet’s natural resources – allowing us to enjoy all nature has to offer whilst we swim, bike and run.  We recognise our role to ensure we contribute to health and prosperity for all within the ecological limits of the planet to protect the opportunities for future generations.


Our Vision

Develop a more sustainable future for triathlon: swimming in cleaner water, breathing cleaner air, and training in a healthier environment, which has positive benefits for everyone. 

To achieve this vision, we developed Endurance 2040+ in collaboration with our Sustainability Commission, focusing us on three key areas: Water and Air Quality, Climate Action and Net-Zero, and Responsible Consumption.

Our Strategy

Our sustainability Commission

In 2020 we recruited a Sustainability Commission of experts from academia, business, and sport, balancing those with knowledge of triathlon with fresh perspectives to advise on the development of the strategy.  It now provides important monitoring and evaluation guidance to support our sustainability working group on the execution of the strategy.

Learn more about the members of the commission here

Our Major Events

Sunderland hosted the 2023 World Triathlon Championship Series and received the World Triathlon Sustainability Gold Certificate for its sustainable practices. To learn more about the event's sustainability practices click here.

Swansea, the host of the 2023 World Triathlon Para Series, received the World Triathlon Sustainability Silver Certificate for the second consecutive year.  To find out more about the event's sustainability practices, please click here.

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