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British Triathlon issues permits to hundreds of events each year. Event permitting ensures that multisport events across Britain are safe and fair for our network of organisers, participants, and Technical Officials.

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What is an event permit?

A British Triathlon event permit demonstrates that an event has met a set of national standards. It demonstrates that:

  • The event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner.
  • The event planning and preparation meets the standard of quality required by the national governing body.
  • A thorough review of the swim, bike and/or run course has taken place and that safety, medical and emergency requirements have been considered.
  • The event will be conducted in accordance with the British Triathlon Competition Rules.
  • The event has the appropriate event, volunteer and participant insurance.

What is the permitting process?

To register and permit your events, or to find a comprehensive guide to the various steps involved in the permitting process, please register an account on the event organiser system.

Here, you will also have access to a range of templates and guidance documents to support you throughout the process of organising your event.

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What does an event permit mean?

For participants?

  • The organiser is taking the appropriate measures to ensure safety.
  • The event has the appropriate insurances in place.
  • There is access to individual public liability insurance through British Triathlon annual or day membership.
  • The event is run in accordance with the British Triathlon Competition Rules.

Events that have applied for a permit can be found on the British Triathlon Event Search here. The status of each event’s permit application can be found within their listing.

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For organisers?

  • Demonstrate a responsible approach to event planning and delivery.
  • Assured that your event meets a set of national standards.
  • A range of support including event promotion, access to Technical Officials, regular webinars and much more. For a full list of benefits, please see here.

For British Triathlon?

Through event permitting, British Triathlon can ensure events are delivered safely and fairly, meeting national governing body standards. British Triathlon charges fees for event permitting to organisers which are used to cover the costs of the service provided and increase the number of participants taking part in the sport.

Benefits of permitting

  • An individual review of events planning and delivery processes/documentation.
  • Event promotion through the British Triathlon Event Search and regular campaigns.
  • Insurance for participants (for both members and non-members).
  • Opportunities to host regional and national events including GB Age-Group Team Qualifiers and National Championships.
  • Guidance, templates and resources to help with planning and delivery.
  • Access to Technical and Motorcycle Officials to support on event day.
  • Access to regular webinars, providing the opportunity to hear the latest updates from British Triathlon and connect with other organisers.
  • Regular e-newsletters and access to the British Triathlon Event Organiser Network peer support group.

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