Classification is open to anyone with an impairment who wants to compete in paratriathlon.  Classification is essential if you wish to compete in specific paratriathlon events at either a national or international level but it is not required if you wish to compete in open events.

Classification is vital to define who is eligible to compete in paratriathlon and ensure fair competition by minimising the impact which eligible impairments have on the outcome of competition and ensure that the best athletes have the opportunity to be successful.  In order to compete in Paratriathlon you must have one of the eight impairment types which World Triathlon permits from the International Paralympic Committee rules for Paralympic Sports.

The athletes are separated into three different types of sport class to compete in Paratriathlon. Within these broader categories the athletes are then grouped by the degree of activity limitation resulting from their impairment.  You can find out more about the classification of each sport class group below.


British Triathlon will offer as many classification opportunities as possible throughout the year for new athletes to be classified.  During the COVID-19 pandemic we have developed a new classification protocol which allows the first stage of the classification process to be conducted virtually; this has allowed us to classify athletes more quickly and in the most efficient manner for each athlete. 

Please contact British Triathlon if you you would like to be classified.  Please complete the following classification application form when you make contact as this allows us to deal most efficiently with your request.


Classification Rules

In all cases classification must meet the requirements of the British Triathlon Classification rules.  BTF CLASSIFICATION RULES

For the below cases please see the relevant sections of the rules:


Classified Athletes

You can see a list of all Nationally Classified athletes for competition in Paratriathlon events here.

If you are seeking to understand the classification status of a Paratriathlete then please see the below definitions and codes for paratriathlon classification:

  • R (Review) An athlete with Sport Class Status Review (R) must complete classification prior to competing at any subsequent paratriathlon competition unless British Triathlon determines otherwise.
  • FRD (Fixed Review Date): An athlete with Sport Class Status Review with a Fixed Review Date (FRD) will be required to attend an Evaluation Session at the first opportunity after the relevant Fixed Review Date. E.G. an athlete with Sport Class Status Review with a Fixed Review Date of 2021 will be required to attend an Evaluation Session at their first opportunity after 01 January 2021.
  • C (Confirmed): An athlete with Sport Class Status Confirmed (C) is not required to undergo any further Athlete Evaluation (except for the provisions in the Classification Rules & Regulations concerning Protests, Medical Review and changes to Sport Class criteria).
  • NE (Not eligible): An athlete who has an eligible impairment that does not comply with Minimum Impairment Criteria for paratriathlon will be allocated Sport Class Not Eligible (NE).


Non-Eligible Athletes

Like all Paralympic sports not all forms of impairment are eligible to compete in specific paratriathlon competitions.  However all of our national paratriathlon evnets are open to both classified and non classified athletes and athletes are also able to compete in the sport of triathlon.

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