A Spectacular Day of Triathlon at the Event of the Year 2022


Tata Steelman was an outstanding event that brought together the best triathletes in Wales for the second round of the Super Series and the Welsh National Championship. Held in a stunning location of Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir in Port Talbot, the event attracts people from all walks of life to witness the spectacle.

Organised by the experienced Darren Vaughan and the team, the event was seamless from start to finish, and its success was recognised as it won Event of the Year in 2022. The competition was fierce, and the athletes displayed an incredible level of athleticism throughout the day.

Liam Lloyd and Hannah Munday turned out to be the top performers of the day, with Hannah Munday retaining her title for the third time. 

Liam Lloyd was simply fantastic, leading the race from the front and recording the fastest swim (19:10) and run (31:20) times of the day. Kyle Blackmore was no slouch either, posting the fastest bike (58:51). Liam Lloyd ultimately won within a time of 1:51:03 a five-minute lead over the second-placed Morgan Davies and Olly Simon.

In the women's category, Hannah Munday was the standout athlete and showed why she is the defending champion finishing in a time of 2:06:46. She finished ninth overall at the event and put out an impressive performance, recording the fastest swim (19:20) and bike (1:07:43) times of the day. Rachel Davies posted the fastest run time (37:03), adding to the excitement of the event. Maddison Shaddick and Claire Walters were the other two athletes to join Hannah on the podium, displaying respectable performances for the day. 

The event was a resounding success, and it was clear that everyone who attended had a great time. The atmosphere was electric, and the spectators were in high spirits throughout the day. The level of organization that went into the event was exceptional, and the good people of Wales showed their appreciation by awarding the team Event of the Year from the Workforce Awards 2022.

To conclude, Tata Steelman was undoubtedly a memorable event. The athletes put on an incredible show, the organisers were fantastic, technical officials and volunteers were second to none and the atmosphere was electric. We sincerely hope that future events will be equally successful.

After two stages of the Super Series, we have Liam Lloyd leading the open rankings while Bethan Jones leads the female standings, both from Tri Potential!

For those who missed out on the action, the results will be available online by the end of the week, and the event will be televised on S4C on the 7th of July 2023 at 8:00pm.

The Series moves on to SWYD Triathlon on Sunday 4th June, and we can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the competition.

Stage 2 Overall Results

Male race:

1st             Liam Lloyd - 1:51:04

2nd            Morgan Davies - 1:56:10

3rd            Oliver Simon - 1:56:56

Female race:

1st             Hannah Munday - 2:06:47

2nd            Maddison Shaddick - 2:17:04

3rd             Claire Walters - 2:19:26

Leaderboards of Categories after stage 2 can be found here.

*Leaderboards are accurate at time of going to press. Any ammendments made to the final results by the event organisers will be ammended for stage 3.

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