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Club Affiliation

Do you want to affiliate your club with Welsh Triathlon? Clubs can affiliate to Welsh Triathlon and take advantage a number of benefits for both clubs and its members.

Many triathlon clubs around the country are feeling the effects of Covid-19. Therefore, for 2022 club affiliation, we will be freezing the price of affiliation at what it was before the pandemic to allow as many clubs as possible to access the many benefits of being affiliated to Welsh Triathlon.

The table below shows the affiliation costs for the various categories and sizes of club. As you work through the affiliation process, the appropriate cost will be calculated and displayed for you.

After submission of the form, your club information will be reviewed for approval. You will be notified when you are approved for affiliation, at which point you will be required to pay the full affiliation fee.

Please contact if you would like to discuss anything related to affiliation or require any support with the process.


Club Type NO. of members Annual Cost
Community, Closed, Single Discipline <150 £155
Community, Closed, Single Discipline 150-299 £255
Community, Closed, Single Discipline >300 £305
Commercial N/A


Benefits of Affiliating to Welsh Triathlon

  • Access to ClubSpark, a Club Management System that is now available to all Affiliated Clubs. As part of the new Club Affiliation process you will be asked to provide us with a contact who will be responsible for setting up your ClubSpark account.
  • To find out more about ClubSpark, click here.
  • Access to the Welsh Triathlon Club Forum group where we will provide you with updates support and discussions that will help improve the quality of clubs in Wales
  • Support from the Welsh Triathlon team, we will be here for you when you have any queries and will support your club development
  • Access to Insport Tri Club Accreditation which is aimed at supporting clubs and ensuring that sessions are safe and accessible
  • Public Liability Club Insurance cover up to £15 million
  • Discounted home nations membership for your club members (to get this your club members need to select your club when purchasing their home nations membership and the discount will automatically be applied)
  • Your club will be listed on the Welsh Triathlon club search via British Triathlon
  • Club newsletters with updates from Welsh Triathlon
  • Access to British Triathlon’s Affiliated Club logos to help promote your club
  • Access to benefits provided by the Welsh Sports Association (WSA). After affiliating contact WT office for log in details


All affiliated clubs are able to able to use the ClubSpark club management system at no cost through their affiliation. To find out more about ClubSpark, including support webinars, click below.


To renew your Club Affiliation for 2023

New clubs renewing

As the sport grows, we are starting to see more clubs being set up and looking to affiliate.

  1. Contact Gwyndaf Lewis, participation officer to let us know the plans you have for your club.
  2. Following this you will be provided with the relevant information and links to affiliate your club.

Existing clubs

  1. Check the email you have received with the information about affiliating for 2022
  2. Make sure that you have collected all of the information you need before starting the process (See video above)
    1. Safeguarding and Time to Listen courses can be found here.
  3. Check and update the information about your club within your Club Management page
  4. If you are intending to use ClubSpark in 2023 and have not previously registered for this, please add in a club contact to be set up on the ClubSpark system

When you have updated and added your club information simply submit your form to us. It will then be reviewed by the team to ensure that you are in the right category and that all of the required documents are in place.

Once we have done this, you will then receive an email confirming that your submission has been approved and explaining how to pay your affiliation fee.

Payment for 2023 affiliation can be made in the following ways:

  • Credit/debit card – payments can be made via the Club Management area of the British Triathlon website
  • BACS transfer – please email to arrange this
  • Cheque – please make payable to British Triathlon and post to our office address

Please remember that until full payment is received, you will not be fully affiliated and will not be able to access any of the benefits. Clubs currently affiliated will have their benefits removed from 1 January if they do not reaffiliate for 2023.


If you have any questions surrounding Club Affiliation, we are here to help. We have updated our FAQs to cover the new affiliation process, cost of affiliation and ClubSpark, so please check here to find your answers.

If you cannot find your answer in the FAQs, please contact Welsh Triathlon.

Club Categories Explained

Community Club

Organised on an amateur, not for profit basis, a Community Club is open and inclusive to all with a voluntary committee of three or more unrelated persons that hold regular meetings to manage the club, and:

  • Holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to re-elect the committee and make constitutional changes
  • Has an open and non-discriminatory club constitution agreed and signed at an AGM
  • Is formed to promote and provide access to an organised form of the sport
  • Runs regular club-based activities and training sessions

If you have any questions about why you have been identified as a Community Club, please contact your Regional Manager.

Commercial Club

Any club formed, with or without a committee, that offers a racing, coaching or retail service on a commercial basis. A Commercial Club will meet one or more of the following:

  • Sponsored to race and/or raise the profile of the club, sport or companies involved
  • Performance oriented triathlon racing team whose members are a combination of professional and amateur athletes
  • Retail business
  • Coaching or personal training company
  • A business used to promote training camps
  • An internet-based club that provides commercial benefits, services, or goods

If you have any questions about why you have been identified as a Commercial Club, please contact your Regional Manager.

Single Discipline Club

A club that is predominantly dedicated to another sport (normally swimming, cycling or athletics) with a specific triathlon section.

These clubs will be governed by another National Governing Body, however affiliate to British Triathlon for the purposes of membership, insurance, and other benefits for their triathlon members.

If you have any questions about why you have been identified as a Single Discipline Club, please contact your Regional Manager.

Closed Club

By definition, this is a club that is restricted to a specific group of people and therefore cannot fit into the other categories. This is typically, but not limited to, groups defined by work or location such as university, HM Armed Forces, or workplace clubs.

If you have any questions about why you have been identified as a Closed Club, please contact your Steph Makuvise.


Affiliate a new club Club accreditation Club Management



Welsh Triathlon has worked with Disability Sport Wales to develop a triathlon-based Club accreditation programme with the aim of supporting and developing triathlon clubs in Wales. The accreditation programme will also ensure that clubs are running in a safe, quality environment. Working with Disability Sport Wales will ensure that while clubs achieve their accreditation, they receive an Insport award. The accreditation is available to all clubs that are affiliated to Welsh Triathlon. All junior clubs affiliated to Welsh Triathlon are required to have a minimum of Bronze accreditation. For any queries on club accreditation please contact

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