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If you have junior members, you will need to affiliate as a community or sponsored triathlon club.

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Can your club cater for athletes with the following conditions?

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British Triathlon Coaches

Please name all the triathlon coaches that take training sessions for your club, include their British Triathlon membership number. In order to meet the criteria the minimum your club needs is at least one BTF Level 1 triathlon coach (post October 2016) or higher qualified BTF triathlon coach.

No need to produce copies of certificates, we will consult our records to see the highest level BTF triathlon coaching qualification held by those named.

Please note that your triathlon coaches will need to have a valid Home Nation membership to be insured.

Note: All coaches working on a regular basis with juniors or at adults risk must have a DBS. For further information please see Safeguarding; Clubs and Coaches.

Club Activator Details


Please name all the Activators that lead swim, bike or run sessions for your club. Include their British Triathlon membership number and last name.

Please note that your Activators will need have a valid British Triathlon membership to be insured.

Note: Activators with DBS checks will need to have sent a copy of the DBS check to

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User Agreement

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Club Affiliation Submission
Total Price: £155.00

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