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Triathlon turned Duathlon for Stage 4 at Broad Haven...


The much-anticipated Pembrokeshire Coast Olympic Distance Triathlon, which was the Super Series stage 4 event, took place on Saturday.

The much-anticipated Pembrokeshire Coast Olympic Distance Triathlon, which was the Super Series stage 4 event, took place on Saturday. Despite the unwelcome weather conditions, the race went on, albeit with a modified format as a duathlon. The event was flawlessly organised by the Pembrokeshire Triathlon Club, under the guidance of the dedicated Dave Astins.

The absence of the series leader, Liam Lloyd, meant that the open category would see a fresh face on top of the podium. Excitement filled the air as the competitors lined up, ready to conquer the challenging course ahead.

As the starting horn sounded, the racers surged forward with determination. Dafyd Jay took an early lead, setting a blistering pace right from the beginning of the 2.7km run. His impressive speed allowed him to establish an early advantage, leaving his competitors in his wake in a time of 09:07.

However, it was Gruffudd Lewis who stole the show during the bike leg. With sheer strength and determination, he came flying past the leaders, leaving everyone in awe of his sheer power. Gruffudd's power on the bike was unmatched as he continued to build an impressive lead of five minutes ahead of Iwan Jones, who held onto the second position. Gruff completed the 42km in a time of 1:04:29.

Meanwhile, Tom Foster, known for his incredible running capabilities, showed his true mettle during the second run. With lightning speed, he blazed through the 10km course, leaving spectators inspired by his athleticism. Tom's second run turned out to be the fastest of the day in a time of 36:41, earning him well-deserved recognition for his outstanding performance.

However, it was Gruffudd who would cross the finish line as the overall winner. His commanding lead, established during the bike leg, proved insurmountable for his competitors. Gruffudd's resilience and skill throughout the race showcased his true potential, earning him a well-deserved victory in an overall time of 1:59:15, Tom Foster in 2nd and Iwan Jones in 3rd.

In the female category, the competition was just as fierce. Hana Blake, stage 3 winner, exhibited extraordinary speed during both the first and second run, setting the benchmark for the rest of the field. Her consistent and impressive pace throughout the race solidified her as a strong contender with a first 2.7km time of 10:13 and the 10km in 41:54.

Meanwhile, Rhian Roxburgh showed her dominance on the bike leg with her exceptional speed and technical prowess. Her performance was nothing short of remarkable, leaving her competitors in awe of her cycling abilities in a time of 1:18:16.

However, it was Claire Walters who emerged as the ultimate victor in the female category. Despite facing stiff competition, Claire demonstrated remarkable consistency and determination throughout the race. Her exceptional overall performance, combined with her solid performance in each segment, propelled her to victory in a time of 2:18:05 and 21st overall, Hana Blake in 2nd and Rhian Roxburgh taking 3rd spot.

Despite the change in format due to the challenging weather conditions, the Pembrokeshire Coast Olympic Distance Triathlon remained a thrilling event. The racers' unwavering dedication and resilience shone through, as they pushed themselves to their limits to conquer the demanding course.

Congratulations to Gruffudd Lewid and Claire Walters for their incredible victories, and to all the participants for their unwavering determination and exceptional efforts in this challenging race. The Pembrokeshire Coast Olympic Distance Triathlon certainly showcased the true spirit of triathlon and left spectators eagerly anticipating the next exciting event in the series.

As the athletes prepare for the next stage of the series in Bala in September, Liam Lloyd remains in the lead after four races in the Open Category and Claire Walters now in the lead for the Females.

For those who missed out on the action, the results will be available online by the end of the week, and the event will be televised on S4C on the 21st of July 2023 at 8:00pm.

We can't wait to see what incredible performances await us at the next race in the series on the 3rd of September at Bala Triathlon


Stage 4 Overall Results

Open race:

1st             Gruffudd Lewis – 1:59:15

2nd           Tom Foster – 2:00:24

3rd            Iwan Jones – 2:02:47


Female race:

1st             Claire Walters – 2:18:05

2nd            Hana Blake – 2:20:22

3rd             Rhian Roxburgh – 2:20:39

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