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Welsh Triathlon Club of the Year 2021


Swansea Vale Triathlon Club

Club of the Year 2021

This award is to recognise clubs that are friendly, welcoming, and fun. We want to know what makes the club outstanding, how it supports their members, and how it has developed volunteers to support them in their role.


Winner – Swansea Vale Triathlon club

It is with great pleasure to announce Swansea Vale Triathlon club as our club of the year for 2022. From a club that started in 2020 they have grown from strength to strength and have supported their members throughout the pandemic to ensure they can still take part in triathlon in a friendly environment, your hard work in doing so has gone a long way and is greatly appreciated by all of your members who have described the club as fun friendly and inclusive.  Not only have they supported their current members but they have welcomed those who are new to the sport and supported their participation in triathlon and multi-sport activity. Congratulations Swansea Vale and We look forward to seeing all of our triathlon clubs (and their club kit colours) out and about at events this year.  Steph Makuvise, Participation Officer Welsh Triathlon. 



Shortlist nominations


Merthyr Triathlon Club

Merthyr Tri Club is welcoming to everyone whether you are completely new to triathlon or looking to build on your current skills and fitness. They offer swimming pool sessions, open water sessions, cardiovascular/strength training sessions and bike rides for all. It’s a small club very friendly with heaps of advice for everyone irrespective of ability and performance, it is a multi sport club which respects the rights, dignity and worth of every person and will treat everyone equally within the regardless of age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality or social/economic status. It has members of totally different abilities who encourage and inspire others especially those new to the sport. The club has trained members in Bike Leaders courses, first aid and level 1 Triathlon coach.



Gog is friendly, inclusive, fun and encouraging. A huge group of people from all abilities with a wealth of experience to offer to new and existing members. The Super coaches are approachable and knowledgeable. The club are always training up new coaches who can provide down to earth and achievable coaching sessions. All coaches and members are super friendly and supportive.


Celtic Tri

Celtic Tri is one of the largest clubs in Wales. The club is always growing and attracting new members. After the club held its Neath valley triathlon in September, they had a huge influx of members who really enjoyed the sporting experience that day and fed back that they friendly atmosphere was outstanding. The ethos of the club is that everyone is welcome, no matter what abilities. Their range of sessions ensure all levels have suitable sessions to challenge and grow them as an athlete, this is down to their amazing group on volunteer coaches, who are dedicated and passionate and help motivate and advise members in our swim, bike and run sessions. The fact that it is also a family club, makes the atmosphere very friendly and informal ensuring people feel comfortable trying things for the first time not matter what their ability or disability.

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