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Physical Literacy Underpinning Research

To read more around the underpinning research of this programme and resource, please see:



Edwards, L. C., Bryant, A. S., Keegan, R. J., Morgan, K., Cooper, S., & Jones, A. M. (2018). Measuring’ Physical Literacy and Related Constructs: A Systematic Review of Empirical Findings, Sports Medicine 48,659–682,


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Edwards, L.C., Bryant, A.S., Keegan, R., Morgan, K. & Jones, A.M.  (2017). Definitions, Foundations and Associations of Physical Literacy: A Systematic Review, Sport Medicine, 47(1), p. 47, 113–126,


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Morgan, K. (2019). Applying the TARGET pedagogical principles in Physical Education to enhance students’ physical literacy. Journal of PE, Recreation and Dance. 90:1, 9-14.


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Morgan, K. Bryant, A. S., Edwards, L., & Mitchell-Williams, E. (2018). Transferring primary generalist’s positive classroom pedagogy to the physical education setting: A collaborative PE-CPD process, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 24(1),43-58,


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Morgan. K., Bryant. A.S., & Edwards, L. (2020 online). Appreciative inquiry to develop a collaborative physical literacy programme for primary school pupils, Sport Education and Society,


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