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Tilly Anema

Age : 22

Coach : Luke 

Hometown : Norfolk

Triathlon Background : Competed in swimming since I was 9 years old and then started triathlon in 2018, and joined the NTPCW when I started my undergrad in Sport and Exercise Science at Cardiff Metropolitan in 2020. 

Best result/s : 6th U23 World Championships

Favourite thing about Triathlon : I love that there are three disciplines to focus on (if one isn’t going so well there is usually one that is so it makes it easier to stay positive)

Best thing about training at the centre : Having a group of people to train with and because of the small squad size getting more individual support. 

Favourite race : Quarteria European Cup

Favourite session : 8 x 400m swim best average set 

Non-Triathlon related fact : I’m a master at dad jokes

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