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Annual General Meeting

Welcome to our Annual General Meeting page. Here you will find information about the upcoming AGM.

Triathlon England AGM

Triathlon England’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 14 November with a scheduled time of 13:30pm. The AGM will form part of the Triathlon England Conference. We invite members to submit proposed resolutions or other items of business which will need to be provided by Wednesday 21 October 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we are hosting the AGM virtually for 2020 and more details will follow soon.

We recognise that the AGM is valued as an opportunity for members to engage with and hear from the Board and we will aim to ensure that the AGM is as interactive as possible.

Please send resolutions or other items of business to


Resolutions for Triathlon England can be found in the archive through the link below:

2019 Resolutions

2018 Resolutions

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