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Important information for Clubs with Juniors!

At the end of 2017 it was agreed and communicated that all clubs with juniors should have achieved TriMark Club Bronze by the end of 2018 in time for club affiliation 2019

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Triathlon England has worked with Sport England, under Club Matters, to develop a new accreditation scheme for community triathlon clubs within England called TriMark Club accreditation.  The scheme is for all community clubs, junior and senior, that have an established committee, a recognised constitution and has a membership offer open to everyone no matter what their background. The scheme launched on 1 April 2017.

TriMark Club

A TriMark Club is recognised as a safe, rewarding and fulfilling place for participants of all genders and ages, that want to be involved in the sport of triathlon. A TriMark Club has reached a level of accreditation that helps parents and carers identify the right club for their young people.

A TriMark Club will have achieved a number of set criteria in the following areas:

  • Club Management
  • Duty of Care and Welfare
  • Activity Programme
  • Knowing Your Club and Community

A TriMark Club will have met criteria in each of the above to be awarded accreditation at one of three levels.

TriMark Club Accreditation Criteria


TriMark Club Accreditation Levels

TriMark Club accreditation is structured into 3 levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these levels has a set criteria that must be met in order to attain the corresponding accreditation status.. Each level is described as follows:

  • TriMark Club Bronze Accreditation – The Bronze level is the entry point into the Triathlon England accreditation scheme. This level outlines that the club has confirmed it is a community club with a management committee, that it has a constitution, an active activity programme, and where required a Welfare Officer. Additionally the club coaches  must be operating within their qualification remit and the club should have an open and inclusive membership offer.


  • TriMark Club Silver Accreditation – Only clubs that have achieved TriMark Club Bronze accreditation can apply for TriMark Club Silver accreditation. The Silver level is linked directly to Clubmark, the Sport England accreditation scheme that operates under the Club Matters banner. More details on this can be found on the Club Matters page here or for more details on the Clubmark accreditation scheme go here.
  • TriMark Club Gold Accreditation – Only clubs that have achieved TriMark Club Silver accreditation can apply for TriMark Club Gold accreditation. At this time the Gold level is still in development. This level will be finalised once feedback has been received from the TriMark Club Bronze accreditation and TriMark Club Silver accreditation schemes. It is expected that TriMark Club Gold accreditation will reward those clubs that specialise in triathlon specific areas such as GO TRI Events, GO TRI Activity programmes, disability groups, supporting large triathlon events or a club with a volunteer programme.  Further details will appear here as soon as TriMark Club Gold accreditation is launched. Clubs that have received the TriMark Club Silver accreditation award will be directly informed of the next award level.

Why Become a TriMark Club

A TriMark Club is recognized nationally by National Governing Bodies, County Sports Partnerships, sporting partnerships and other external stakeholders as having met national standards in providing a club structure that is well managed, is safe and has an active programme of events for its local community for all members to enjoy.

What Are the Benefits

The main benefits are the support available to the club, these include:

  • National recognition.
  • Potential new members looking for a recognised supportive club.
  • An asset pack with a TriMark Club certificate and logos for use on social media and club website.
  • Priority Access to the Regional Manager (contact your local Regional Manager).
  • Guidance documents to support the running of your club.
  • Support with funding bids.
  • Access to GB Sport helpline.
  • Discount on some County Sport Partnership (CSP) Club Matters events/activities. (dependent on CSP)

Rewards on Completion of TriMark Club Accreditation

There are several rewards for clubs that have been gained TriMark Club accreditation.

  • TriMark Clubs will be listed under with TriMark Club logo on the British Triathlon website. A unique function for members looking for a supportive community club.
  • Discounts on Coaching Courses and CPD Opportunities.
    1. TriMark Bronze Clubs get 10% discount on one Level 1 Triathlon Coaching Course. This is a one off.
    2. TriMark Silver Clubs get 10% discount on one Level 2 Triathlon Coaching Course. This is a one off.

The one off coaching course discount is available immediately once the club has been awarded TriMark Bronze or Silver. Contact to claim your discount code.

  • Each year the club is affiliated and accredited the club will be entered into a draw for;
    1. A pair of race entry tickets for the British Standard Distance Triathlon Championships.
    2. A pair of grandstand tickets at the UK World Triathlon Series event.

The draws will be made annually at the Triathlon England AGM and all clubs accredited at the time of the Triathlon England AGM will be eligible for inclusion in the draw. Clubs successful in the draw will be informed as soon as possible after the AGM.

NB. All rewards are subject to changes and availability

How Does it Work?

The scheme is set up to be a stepping stone approach to full accreditation; an explanation can be found on the TriMark Club Accreditation Criteria page.  First you need to be an affiliated club to a Home Nation. Once affiliated your club can then access the TriMark Club Bronze accreditation process through the club management page. On completion of TriMark Club Bronze award you will automatically be invited to the TriMark Club Silver accreditation process; TriMark Club Silver also includes Sport England’s Clubmark award.

Need Further Details?

If you need further information our Frequently Asked Questions page will most probably be able to answer it. If you need more information or assistance, then contact your Regional Manager or contact

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