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DBS Check FAQs

If you have a query about getting your DBS check or our new online DBS process, please see our frequently asked questions below.


General DBS FAQs

What is a Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Check?

A DBS check is a printed record containing information from the Police National Computer, local Police intelligence and a check of Government lists of those people barred from working with children and or adults at risk.  British Triathlon use this information to help decide if a person with a role with under 18’s and or adults at risk is suitable.  For more detailed information please visit www.gov.uk/dbs.

British Triathlon are a registered body recognised by DBS allowing British Triathlon to process DBS application forms. The Disclosure and Barring Service carry out the relevant checks and issue the DBS certificates to the individual, British Triathlon do not receive copies of any DBS certificate.

Who needs a DBS Check?

British Triathlon work in line with Government legislation which means that we offer two levels of checks.

The first is an enhanced check and is for anyone who is in regulated, direct face-to-face contact with children under 18 years of age.

Simply put, you need to complete an enhanced DBS and barring check if you are in direct contact:

  • once a week or more
  • 4 or more times in a 30-day period, or
  • overnight between 2am and 6am

The second is a standard DBS check and this is required for anyone in regular face-to-face contact with children. British Triathlon determine regular contact as being at least once a month.

If you do not meet the above criteria we are legally not allowed to complete a DBS check for you.

If you are unsure which DBS check you need, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/find-out-dbs-check 

If you think that you may be working with adults at risk, please visit this page to see if you are eligable for an adult workforce check:


What is the process for acquiring a DBS check?

You will need to request an application pack from British Triathlon by sending your request to dbs@britishtriathlon.org. Once you’ve received this you should complete the DBS check application form as well as the personal declaration form.

As part of the DBS check you will need to provide documents to verify your identity.  Enclosed with the DBS application form will be an information pack outlining the documents needed to verify your identity. To verify your identity, you will need to take both the originals and a photocopy of your documents to the nominated ID checker (welfare officer or chair of your club) of your club. 

Please ensure your club has registered a DBS ID verifier with us by completing the registration process set out here or your application forms will be returned to you.  

Further guidelines for the ID Checkers can be found on the government website here.

Finally, you will need to return your DBS application form, personal declaration form, accompanied with photocopies of your certified ID documents to; DBS, British Triathlon, Michael Pearson East, 1 Oakwood Drive, Loughborough, LE11 3QF. British Triathlon will check your application and validate your ID documents before forwarding it on to DBS to carry out the relevant checks. 

Once British Triathlon receive your application form, we aim to process and send your application off to DBS to carry out the relevant check within 7 working days.

Providing there are no issues with your DBS check application form, DBS will post your certificate to the current address provided on your application form. Once you receive your DBS certificate, you will then need to email a copy to British Triathlon at dbs@britishtriathlon.org

To request a pack please email dbs@britishtriathlon.org, detailing the number of packs required and the postal address for them to be sent to.

Do I need to pay to get a DBS check?

Anyone who applies for a DBS check and is not a Home Nation Association member will be required to pay a £10 administration fee for their check.  British Triathlon will absorb this cost for Home Nation Association members who volunteer within the sport.  Individuals who are paid for their role will need to pay £54 to have their application processed regardless of whether they are a Home Nation Association member or not. Payment details will be included with the application pack.

I already hold a DBS check with another sport/organisation, do I need to complete another one?

British Triathlon and Triathlon England are committed to providing safe and enjoyable environments for children and adults within our sport. Members of the Triathlon England workforce seeking to work with children or adults at risk within triathlon are required to obtain a satisfactory criminal records check and renew this check every three years where their role meets the requirements for a DBS check through British Triathlon. These checks help British Triathlon and Triathlon England make informed recruitment decisions about the suitability of people with criminal records who are seeking a role in triathlon working or volunteering with children or adults at risk. We do not accept external DBS checks, even if applied for through a school, another NGB or an individual’s work place. This is because British Triathlon have an additional vetting process designed to meet British Triathlon safeguarding policy and standards, on top of those made through the statutory DBS check.

The reasons why we do not accept DBS checks completed through external organisations unless you are signed up to the DBS Update Service are;

  • There are associated risks in accepting a DBS obtained through another employer, there is no guarantee that the identity checking guidelines were followed by the previous Registered Body, to ensure the results were returned accurately. This is in no way questioning the integrity of those other registered bodies and their due diligence but we want to ensure that we have taken every step possible to mitigate any and all risks to our sport.
  • Additionally a DBS check is a check against the records at a moment in time and additional information could be added any time after the issue date shown on the Certificate. Also, the police will decide whether to release intelligence based on the role and workforce entered on to the form of the individual completing the DBS.

For these reasons it is the policy of British Triathlon to ensure that anyone seeking to work in regulated activity within our sport in England is required to have a British Triathlon DBS check.

Why do some checks take longer to complete that others?

There are a number of reasons a check may take longer, including:

  • Failure to provide a continuous 5-year address history
  • Incomplete or irrelevant ID documents provided
  • Incomplete form provided
  • Delays in the local Police force accessing information

To ensure minimal delay, you are advised to ensure you have completed all the relevant sections of the application form and have provided the relevant ID documents.

What if there is something on my DBS check?

British Triathlon have a duty to ensure the information released doesn’t affect the safety of children.  All disclosures are considered on a case-by-case basis, accounting for the individual’s age at the times of the conviction and the nature of the conviction.

British Triathlon will sometimes contact you about convictions or information on your DBS check.  This is to enable British Triathlon to be sure you are suitable to be involved with children’s triathlon and to confirm that your convictions or other information isn’t relevant to the welfare of under 18’s in triathlon.  If you are asked for this information, it is very important that you provide it quickly – failure to do so could lead to your suspension from the Home Nation Associations.

Occasionally, British Triathlon will make the decision that a person should be suspended whilst enquiries are completed.  If this happens you will be provided with clear information about what you may and may not do in triathlon and how to progress your situation.

Once the enquiry has been completed and British Triathlon are satisfied the disclosure will be treated as though it is clear of convictions and will be destroyed, in accordance with the law.

How to track your DBS application

You can track your application with the DBS Office directly by using the online tracking service.  You will need to make a note of your application form number which can be found on the top right-hand corner of the application form, it will start F01. https://www.gov.uk/disclosure-barring-service-check/tracking-application-getting-certificate

What if the information on my DBS check is incorrect?

You will need to contact the DBS immediately; if you wait more than 90 days then the information cannot be amended, and you will need to complete a new check.

The contact details for the DBS will be on the back of your DBS certificate.

Who will see my DBS disclosure?

Your DBS Certificate will only be sent to you and British Triathlon will request that you forward a copy of the certificate to them to validate it.  Once British Triathlon have confirmed your certificate is valid, British Triathlon will update your DBS status on the online database system and destroy the copy of the DBS certificate.


What happens if I change club?

Your DBS check will remain valid and, if necessary, your new club can enquire with British Triathlon as to whether you have a valid check.

Does my DBS check expire?

The DBS check does not expire; however, it is effectively a ‘snapshot’ and is only accurate at the time the application form is completed.  British Triathlon follow the best practice guidelines and ask that individuals who require a DBS check renew them every three years.

Online DBS FAQs

Why are we implementing an online DBS application system?

We’re improving the DBS applicant journey by introducing an online application and ID verification system. This will significantly speed up the process for anyone requiring a DBS check for their role in triathlon.

Is the online DBS application system for all home nations?

No, DBS checks are only applicable in England and Wales, in Scotland there is a different scheme called Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG). If you need a PVG check you will need to contact Triathlon Scotland.

Will the online DBS system replace the paper application forms?

Yes, the online system will mean DBS applicants will no longer have to fill in a paper DBS application form.

Is the online DBS application system live now?

No, we will communicate out to inform you when the online DBS application system is live. When it is live, we will no longer accept paper applications.

I need a DBS check now, how do I get one?

Until the online DBS application system is live you will still need to apply for a DBS check in the usual way by requesting an application pack and sending your postal address to dbs@britishtriathlon.org. Once you’ve received this you should complete the DBS check application form as well as the personal declaration form.

My club needs to register a DBS ID verifier now to be able to verify a paper application, how do I do this?

To register a DBS ID verifier to complete a paper DBS verification please click here.

What does my club have to do now to get ready for the online DBS application system?

The online DBS application system will go live in the autumn of 2021. Before this, clubs must register their DBS ID verifier(s) with us through their club management account by following this guide.  We recommend that a club register 2-3 verifiers.

Why does my club need a DBS ID verifier?

Once someone has completed a DBS application, they need to get their ID documents and application verified. We want to make this process as easy as possible for clubs and DBS applicants, which means clubs need to nominate and register a DBS ID verifier to enable the process to take place within the club and not seek verification elsewhere.

Clubs are required to register a DBS ID verifier in their British Triathlon club management account so that club workforce can use the club DBS ID verifier for the purposes of ID verification.

My club has previously registered a DBS ID verifier with British Triathlon, why do I have to do this again?

We need clubs to register their club DBS ID verifier in their British Triathlon club management account as we are not able to transfer previously registered DBS ID verifiers into the club’s management account.

What happens if my club does not register a DBS ID verifier in the club management account?

DBS Applications for your clubs workforce will not be able to be verified when the new online system goes live, which will prevent DBS applications being processed and completed for your coaches and volunteers.

I am the DBS ID verifier for my club can I register myself?

Only the person who has access to the club’s British Triathlon management account can register the clubs DBS ID verifier.

I want to become the DBS ID verifier for my club, how do I do this?

In order to become the club DBS ID verifier you must be a club committee member, e.g. welfare officer or secretary and have received approval from the club’s committee/management to take on the role. The club is then responsible for registering the DBS ID verifier in the club management account and can do this by following this guide.

I still have a question who do I contact?

Please contact dbs@britishtriathlon.org

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