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DBS Check FAQ's

If you have a query about getting your DBS check please see below and see if it's answered

What is a Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Check?

A DBS check is a printed record containing information from the Police National Computer, local Police intelligence and a check of Government lists of those people barred from working with children.  British Triathlon use this information to help decide if a person with a role with under 18’s is suitable.  For more detailed information please visit www.gov.uk/dbs.

Who needs a DBS Check?

British Triathlon work in line with Government legislation which means that we offer two levels of checks.

The first is an enhanced check and is for anyone who is in regulated, direct face-to-face contact with children under 18 years of age.

Simply put, you need to complete an enhanced DBS and barring check if you are in direct contact with children:

  • once a week or more
  • 4 or more times in a 30 day period, or
  • overnight between 2am and 6am

The second is a standard DBS check and this is required for anyone in regular face-to-face contact with children. British Triathlon determine regular contact as being at least once a month.

If you do not meet the above criteria we are legally not allowed to complete a DBS check for you.

What is the process for acquiring a DBS check?

You will need to request an application pack from British Triathlon Once you’ve received this you should complete the DBS check application form as well as the personal declaration and self-disclosure forms. 

Following this you will need to take your DBS check application form and both the original and photocopied versions of your identification documents to a participating Post Office to verify your identity.

Finally, you will need to return your DBS application form, personal declaration and self-disclosure forms to Triathlon England accompanied by the Post Office Identity Checking Service form and the photocopies of your identification documents. British Triathlon will check your application before forwarding it on to the DBS.

Providing there are no issues with your DBS check application form the DBS will send out your certificate out to you. You will then need to send your certificate, or a copy of it, to the British Triathlon head office.

Please download the DBS Procedure document for an outline of the process and to request a pack please email dbs@britishtriathlon.org, detailing the number of packs required and the postal address for them to be sent to.

Do I need to pay to get a DBS check?

From 1st April 2014 anyone who applies for a DBS check and is not a Home Nation Association member will be required to pay a £10 administration fee for their check.  British Triathlon will absorb this cost for Home Nation Association members who volunteer within the sport.  Individuals who are paid for their role will need to pay £54 to have their application processed regardless of whether they are a Home Nation Association member or not. Payment details will be included with the application pack.

There will be a charge from the Post Office to complete the identity verification process (details below).

Why do I have to take my documents to the Post Office to verify my identity?

British Triathlon do not have the staffing capabilities to be able to be able to offer the counter signatory service within the organisation and so as the  DBS require that applicant’s identification is verified we have to rely on the Post Office to complete this service.  When you go to the post office ask them for the identification verification service – if you ask them about DBS checking they will tell you they no longer complete this service.

My local Post Office said they do not offer this service, where can I find one that does?

Not all Post Office’s are able to complete the verification service, to find the closest one to you that does please visit the post office website.

Does the club committee need to complete a DBS check?

If they meet the criteria above, yes.  If there are no club members under 18 years of age a DBS check is not required.

What is the minimum age for obtaining a DBS check?

The legal minimum age to apply for a DBS check is 16 years.

I already hold a DBS check with another sport/organisation, do I need to complete another one?

Yes, British Triathlon are not currently signed up to the portable DBS service.

Why do some checks take longer to complete than others?

There are a number of reasons a check may take longer, including:

  • complex address history
  • common names
  • delays in the local Police force accessing information

What if there is something on my DBS check?

British Triathlon are very fair and have a duty to ensure the information released doesn’t affect the safety of children.  All disclosures are considered on a case-by-case basis, accounting for the individual’s age at the times of the conviction and the nature of the conviction.

Old offences are not viewed as seriously as recent offences and juvenile offending is generally less concerning than adult offending.  Recent assaults or violence with prison sentences, sexual crimes and drug supply are considered as higher risk.

British Triathlon will sometimes contact you about convictions or information on your DBS check.  This is to enable British Triathlon to be sure you are suitable to be involved with children’s triathlon and to confirm that your convictions or other information isn’t relevant to the welfare of under 18’s in triathlon.  If you are asked for this information it is very important that you provide it quickly – failure to do so could lead to your suspension from the Home Nation Associations.

Occasionally, British Triathlon will make the decision that a person should be suspended whilst enquiries are completed.  If this happens you will be provided with clear information about what you may and may not do in triathlon and how to progress your situation.

Once the enquiry has been completed and Triathlon England are satisfied the disclosure will be treated as though it is clear of convictions and will be destroyed, in accordance with the law.

What if the information on my DBS check is incorrect?

You will need to contact the DBS immediately; if you wait more than 90 days then the information cannot be amended.

The contact details for the DBS will be on the back of your disclosure.

Who will see my DBS disclosure?

Your DBS Certificate will only be sent to you and British Triathlon will request that you forward the certificate or a copy of it, to them to confirm that it is clear.  Once British Triathlon have confirmed your certificate is valid your certificate will be returned to you, or destroyed if you have sent a photocopy.


What happens if I change club?

Your DBS check will remain valid and, if necessary, your new club can enquire with British Triathlon as to whether you have a valid check.

Does my DBS check expire?

The DBS check does not expire; however, it is effectively a ‘snapshot’ and is only accurate at the time the application form is completed.  British Triathlon follow the best practice guidelines and ask that individuals who require a DBS check renew them every three years.

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