Learning Hub

The Learning hub is the e-learning resource for all British Triathlon Coaches.

Guidance for completing your qualification

Your coaching qualification is made up of a number of elements, all must be completed to gain certification

In order to complete your qualificaction, there are a number of steps that must be completed:

  • Attend all learning days.
  • Complete all learning and assessed tasks on the learninghub.
  • Pass practical assessments.
  • Complete feedback and sign off  with your tutor/assessor.

If any of these sections are missed, you cannot be certificated. Your original course dates will allow all of the above elements to be completed and your tutors will work with you to support you in this process.

If you have been referred on any of the tasks on the learning hub, the tutors will have given feedback on what is required to complete these.

In the event of missing any course days you should contact your tutor in the first instance. 


All assessment costs are included in your course fee based on the assessment being carried out on your course. Course fees  do not include the cost of missed assessments or learning days.

Candidates who have not completed during the normal course program will be expected to pay additional fees to complete their qualification.  

Qualification Period

The qualifications awarded by 1st4sport are valid for the following timeframes. If you do not complete in this timeframe, a further fee will be required to re-register you.  As the qualifications have  changed  in 2016, additional work may be  required  to certificate to the new qualification.

  • Level 1 - 1 year 
  • Level 2 - 2 years 
  • Level 3 - 3 years 

Next Steps

 If you started your qualification from 2016, please click on the following link to the learning hub for full details,  guidance and submission information.

 Learning Hub Coaching Re assessment 

Please note you will need to be a current member to access the learning hub.

 If you completed your qualification prior to the above date, please contact the coaching team for guidance.

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