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Club Focus: CAMA Racing Team


CAMA Racing Team are made up of athletes from five different nations who race as a team across the UK and Europe.

How did it all start?
CAMA Racing Team was founded in May 2013 by a group of friends sharing their triathlon adventures.

And how’s it grown from there?
We started as a group of 5 in May 2013, and quickly realised that becoming a sponsored and Triathlon England registered club was the way to go. By 2014, we had 4 sponsors onboard along with our logo, custom printed kit and plenty of social media action. We’ve grown to a current membership of 26 people.

Club colours?
Pink (same as Giro d'Italia's "Maglia Rosa"), black and grey. This colour scheme is our "identity" and we use it across all of our real/online presence: team kit, social media, website, etc.


What training sessions are on the menu?
We don't have a weekly, structured training program. However we organise regular weekend sessions and races using our Facebook group.

What is your typical riding territory?
We generally head out to the Surrey hills or Richmond Park. London to Windsor and London to Brighton are also popular routes.

Does the club have any sponsors or partnerships?
Yes. We have been sponsored since 2014. Our 2015 sponsors and partners include Swift Cycles, Tri Training Harder, Greeper Laces, Sapienza Honey, Froggy Line sportswear, Rosso Pomodoro pizzeria and Pulsin’ snack bars. Our 2016 sponsors and partners are still in progress and will soon be posted online.

What sets your club apart from other triathlon clubs in the area?
There is a very diverse competitive level amongst the members, yet we all share the passion for endurance sport and triathlon. We have athletes aiming to get to Kona (9h 12m Ironman personal best), as well as more relaxed athletes who enjoy just a couple of races per year and don't have competitive race results. We don't ask for an annual membership, we ask for our athletes to be proud and passionate to be racing in the CAMA Racing Team colours.

Tell us a funny story or anecdote about your club/club members?
Question from an outsider "do you guys have a marketing department?".... Answer: "Yes of course ahaha! Just a club president who spends too much time on graphics and social media!"

Any club heroes?
We’re proud to have Ricky Marino, multiple ultra marathon finisher amongst our members. Almost every ultra he runs, he bags a podium! Also, Luca Prosperi managed to be "best performing Italian" in Challenge Roth 2015 and Ironman Barcelona 2015.

Does the club have a Twitter handle / Facebook Page or website? 
Our website is plus we have a Facebook page and Twitter account

What is THE social event of the year?
Our team dinners at our sponsor restaurant Rosso Pomodoro and our end of season night.


If you had to give one piece of training advice to new members what would it be?
Try to explore the sport before diving head first into a specific distance or race. Also, no athlete is competitive if he or she doesn't enjoy the ride.

Annual membership fee?
It’s completely free to become a member of CAMA Racing Team, however we request members purchase official gear with sponsor logos and endorse the club on social media.

Interview by Lucy Edwards from Havering Triathlon Club. You can follow her on Twitter @paddlepedalpace or her blog

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