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Events the week of 4th - 17th March 2024


It's time for the events look ahead for the next two weeks.

At this stage there aren't many close to the London region so this is a national list... just in case you have a trip planned and would like to see where the legs are, or just to spectate.

As the season gets under way I'll refine this list to those in or around the London Region.

Date Event Type Wave Closing Link
6 March 2024 SBR Local Norwich Tri Adult/Family tbc HERE
9 March 2024 SBR Local Brighton Aqu Adult 08/03/24 HERE
10 March 2024 Dorney Duathlon March Dua Adult 09/03/24 HERE
10 March 2024 SBR Local Leicester Dua Adult  tbc HERE
10 March 2024 SBR Local Salford Tri Adult/Family 09/03/24 HERE
10 March 2024 Total Guide To 'Chilly' Duathlon Dua Adult tbc HERE
16 March 2024 SBR Local Rotherham Aqu/AQBike/Tri/Dua Adult/Family 15/03/24 HERE
17 March 2024 Burntwood Spring Aquathlon Aqu Child/Adult tbc HERE
17 March 2024 Gravesend Cyclopark Spring Duathlon Dua Adult tbc HERE
17 March 2024 SBR Local Romsey Dua Adult 13/03/24 HERE
17 March 2024 SBR Local Warrington Tri Adult/Family 16/03/24 HERE
17 March 2024 SBR Mini London - Black Tri Tribe Fundraiser Dua Adult 17/03/24 HERE
17 March 2024 Tewkesbury Tri's 2024 Aqu' - Race 2 Aqu Adult tbc HERE


The events listed are those that are registered with BTF. The SBR events are beginner friendly events, the distances are shorter and emphasis is on completion rather than competition.

If you'd like more information on any of the events please get in touch -  Jon Train (

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