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Triathlon England Awards


Have you nominated the person in your club that is the heart beat of your club?

Each year, we recognise the people within our sport that give their free time, passion and energy to developing our sport. Without the work of these wonderful volunteers our sport wouldn't be a vibrant as it is. 

Nominate that invaluable person on your club, and give then some recognition you for all the hard work they put in year after year.

Nominations occur each year to find these unsung heroes, and each year we identify the people and organisations who really make a difference to the sport of triathlon. All our nominees are people who go above and beyond to delivering fantastic events, coaching, officiating and volunteering. 

Nominate an event or individual in one of the following categories:

  • Young Volunteer of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Technical/Moto Official of the Year
  • Children's Coach of the Year
  • Participation Coach of the Year
  • Children's Event of the Year
  • Club Event of the Year
  • Commercial Event of the Year


Make your nominations HERE (Go on it's a short form.)

Nomninations close at midday on 4th September. The winners in each region will then be put forward for the national award. 

Make someone's day and show your appreciation with a nomination!

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