Active Skills for Life; Inspiring Confidence and Physical Literacy


At the launch of the newly improved Active Skills for Life initiative at a Primary School in Loughborough in June, the team from Active Skills for Life demonstrated how physical activity can positively impact lives of young people

During an interactive workshop with pupils from St Bartholomew's Primary School in Quorn, a heartwarming and possibly life-changing gesture took place that touched the life of one student in particular.

Chris faces challenges participating in physical education due to his special educational needs and his lack of confidence in group situations. 

What makes Chris' story remarkable is that until he became involved with Active Skills for Life, he had been unable to independently ride a bicycle. Recognising his progress and newfound confidence in such a short time, the Active Skills for Life team gifted Chris with the bicycle he had learnt to ride on in a bid to further develop his skills beyond the school setting and continue nurturing his self-assurance.

Active Skills for Life is an initiative aimed at empowering children with the confidence, skills, and opportunities to lead healthy and active lives both on and off the playing field. Head Teacher, Alex Clark, expressed excitement to be a part of Active Skills for Life, as it provides pupils with invaluable resources to develop their physical literacy and confidence, which will benefit them throughout their lives.

Research conducted for the Active Skills for Life initiative highlights the urgent need to prioritise sports provision in schools. With 74% of parents asserting that primary school physical education should teach children the skills required for lifelong activity, it is evident that action is essential. Proficiency in core physical literacy sports, such as swimming, cycling, and running, not only ensures safety but also fosters a lifelong love for physical activity.

Chris said: “This is the best day of my life!” 

Helen Marney, Development Director of British Triathlon, emphasised the importance of mastering swim, bike, and run as essential life skills for young people.

She said of Chris’ story: “Stories like Chris’ make everything we do worthwhile. As much as we are proud of the resources we have developed and the vision we have - to see it all come together and impact Chris the way it has done is incredible, it was a privilege to gift him this bike and opportunity of a life full of physical activity.” 

The Active Skills for Life initiative provides a comprehensive range of resources and activities, ensuring inclusivity for children of all backgrounds and abilities. By integrating these activities into the Key Stage Two curriculum, British Triathlon aims to foster a love for sports early on, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Active Skills for Life stands committed to making a positive impact on children's lives, inspiring confidence and physical literacy to equip them for a healthier, more active future.

To learn more about Active Skills for Life and get involved click here. 

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