Age-Group: Taking You to the Next Level (and Around the World)


Last year, the Age-Group Team consisted of 2,904 athletes aged 16-82, who secured 504 medals at 22 events. Qualification events for the 2021 team are taking place throughout 2020.

Representing the Great Britain Age-Group Team is a great next step for anyone seeking to push on in their triathlon journey and experience international racing.

Qualification to be part of the team for 2021 Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon Championships will take place throughout 2020 at events across the country. These events have been selected to host qualifiers and are your chance to stake a claim for a spot on the team.

For Middle and Long Distance Triathlon Championships, times from events meeting the criteria can be submitted as a qualifying time. To find out more about the 2021 Championships and their qualifying events or criteria, click on the button below.


In order to represent the Great Britain Age-Group Team you need to be a Core or Ultimate member of your Home Nation. To explore membership and sign up, click on the button below.


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