AJ Bell 2023 World Triathlon Championship Series Sunderland Host British Standard Distance Championships


The Standard Distance British Championships marked the start of day two of AJ Bell 2023 World Triathlon Championship Series with athletes competing to be named British Champions and for a place at the Standard Distance World Championships in 2024.

In the Open race Robin Hughes, who claimed gold in Open 20-24 category, was the first person to take to the blue carpet and cross the line with a time of 01:57:38.

He said: “It felt really good. It’s only my second year of triathlon so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know that I was the first one back until I crossed the line.

"My family were here cheering me on which I appreciate, the hill out of transition was pretty horrendous and they were cheering me on up that which kept me going.”

The honour of fastest athlete in the Open race went to Donald Brooks, the winner of the Open 45-49 category, with a time of 01:54:07.

In the Female race Megan Chapple was the first to cross the line taking both the fastest female time of the day and the Female 25-29 British Championship crown.

She said: “I’m over the moon. You never know what to expect coming to these events. I was third in my age group last year and fourth overall so to come away with the win is great. I think I have improved since then so it’s great.

Chapple was joined on the top step of the podium by Emma Yates, who won the Female 50-54 category.

“I like being up North,” Yates said. “It was very unexpected [winning the championships] it’s brilliant and I was well supported.

“The swim was really cold, the bike was nice but very busy. Then the run I enjoyed it because it’s my thing and it was a nice course.”

The athletes were cheered on by the Sunderland crowd as well as friends and family, who made the trip to Roker and Seaburn. Open 17-19 winner Jamie Meldrum was watched on by his Dad who said: “I couldn’t be prouder. He keeps going from strength to strength from last year into this year. So onwards and upwards, I’m really excited to see where he goes.”

Several Yellow Jersey Age-Group ambassadors were also on the start line and achieved medal success in their categories.

One of the ambassadors Kate Hutchinson, who won the Female 30-34 category, said: “I did better than I thought, I came third overall. It was a good swim; the bike was really fun with lots of twists and turns and I just held on for the run.

“It’s amazing for spectators. It’s great to see them four times on the bike and the run. It just feels like you’ve got constant support.”

Yiannis Christodoulou, who picked up a silver medal in the Open 40-44, added: “I’m over the moon with it, I wasn’t expecting it. My goal this year is to enjoy the races and I find when you do that the results come.

“It’s important to have something like this, you’re racing against the best in the country in your age group. You don’t have to be at the top, I’d recommend anyone taking part just to see how they get on.”

See below for a full list of category podiums.

Open 17-19: 1st Jamie Meldrum, 2nd Zach Seenan, 3rd Joshua Weston
Open 20-24: 1st Robin Hughes, 2nd Kester McQueen, 3rd Angus Lindsay
Open 25-29: 1st Jack Bristow, 2nd William Kirk, 3rd Hamadel Ndiaye
Open 30-34: 1st Matthew James, 2nd Oliver Crossley, 3rd Tom Bill
Open 35-39: 1st Daniel Geisler, 2nd Craig Dale, 3rd Thomas Marshall
Open 40-44: 1st Matthew Stratford, 2nd Yiannis Christodoulou, 3rd Kris Whitelaw
Open 45-49: 1st Donald Brooks, 2nd Ben Redman, 3rd Simon Peltenburg
Open 50-54: 1st Robert Harrison, 2nd Stephen Greene, 3rd Paul Robson
Open 55-59: 1st Innes Wright, 2nd Simon Nicoll, 3rd Marius Kwint
Open 60-64: 1st Richard Bewell, 2nd Keith Tannetta, 3rd Mick Flaherty
Open 65-69: 1st Chris Goulden, 2nd Alexander Whyte, 3rd Patrick Finn,
Open 70-74: 1st Nick Hewitt, 2nd Alan Dewey, 3rd Chris Owens
Open 75-79: 1st James Lemin, 2nd Steve Walsh

Female 20-24: 1st Indi Lacey, 2nd Gemma Parkinson, 3rd Sarah Seal
Female 25-29: 1st Megan Chapple, 2nd Natasha Harris-White, 3rd Amie Buttle
Female 30-34: 1st Kate Hutchinson, 2nd Courtney Hyde, 3rd Fern Gardner
Female 35-39: 1st Sarah Harding, 2nd Rebecca Goodwin, 3rd Sarah Watts,
Female 40-44: 1st Christine Lutsch, 2nd Elizabeth Earle, 3rd Kathryn Holm
Female 45-49: 1st Gwen Kinsey, 2nd Elizabeth Richardson, 3rd Karen Graham
Female 50-54: 1st Emma Yates, 2nd Joanne Smith, 3rd Gaynor Beckett
Female 55-59: 1st Nicki Rushton, 2nd Karen Murphy, 3rd Denise Drummond
Female 60-64: 1st Juliet Vickery, 2nd Hilary Briggs, 3rd Ruth Isaacs
Female 65-69: 1st Linda Russell-Bond, 2nd Joyce Mark, 3rd Sally Marples
Female 70-74: 1st Judy Orme

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