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British Triathlon publish competition rules for 2022


Following the publication of World Triathlon’s rules in January, British Triathlon have today published the rules which will regulate and promote safe and fair domestic participation in the sport.

The updated rules are now in effect and are an adaptation of the international federation’s rules. British Triathlon’s Technical Committee reviewed World Triathlon’s rules and have modified them for national events, helping to ensure that they are appropriate for racing across Britain.

Amongst the updates for 2022 are changes to wetsuit use for participants aged 60 and over, and the outlawing of certain cycling positions.

The water temperature at which wetsuits can be used by over 60s has been extended, meaning the range for which wetsuits are optional is 16°C – 24.6°C for distances up to 1,500m. For all ages, wetsuits are now optional from 16°C - 24.6°C for swim distances over 1,500m.

During the bike leg, forearms can no longer be rested on the handlebars or bike stem without holding the handlebars or tribars. Furthermore, whilst in position on tribars, elbows must rest in the pads. Riding whilst sitting on the top tube has also been outlawed in the rule changes.

The domestic rules regulate competition in permitted events throughout England, Scotland and Wales, with Technical Officials on hand to educate participants and promote safe and fair event experiences.

Anyone taking part in a permitted event in Britain should familiarise themselves with the rules ahead of their first race of 2022. This will help to keep them up-to-date with the rule changes and support safe racing for them and others taking part in their events.

For members of the Great Britain Age-Group Team, they should familiarise themselves with the World Triathlon Competition Rules which may differ slightly to the British ones and will govern World Triathlon and Europe Triathlon Championships.

Howard Vine, British Triathlon Technical Committee Chair, said: “We update the national rules following a review of the ones published by World Triathlon to ensure that they promote safe, fair and enjoyable participation for all who take part in permitted events across Britain.

“The changes for 2022 have been made with these principles in mind, and I’d encourage everyone who will participate this year to familiarise themselves with the rules and to talk to a Technical Official if they are unsure of anything.”


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