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Develop your coaching with British Triathlon


It’s important for athletes to continue to train, and it’s important that coaches continue to learn and develop so that they can best serve the clubs and athletes they coach.

Above: CEO Andy Salmon makes British Triathlon's #GreatCoachingPledge

Coaching Week 2020 is taking place between 14-20 September and the theme of the week is to ‘Support Your Coach’, including the #GreatCoachingPledge of how individuals involved in the sport, organisations and the public will celebrate great coaching.

British Triathlon have pledged to support coaches in their continued development as part of the #GreatCoachingPledge campaign, providing a variety of opportunities for coaches to engage with one another and learn through workshops and more.

Existing coaches can also make their own #GreatCoachingPledge and continue their development by getting involved with the various CPD opportunities on offer. Simply get involved and share on social media what you’re doing using #GreatCoachingPledge.


Webinars and Vodcasts

Above: Olympic Programme Head Coach, Ben Bright, makes his #GreatCoachingPledge.

Available to all qualified coaches in the British Triathlon Learning Hub, there are two series of webinars and vodcasts that cover a range of topics such as nutrition, coaching wheelchair athletes and physiology, as well as allow viewers to hear from a range of coaches at different levels on their experiences.

Both series are available in the Coaching Matters section of the British Triathlon Learning Hub, where coaches will also find a variety of guides to help them in coaching specific aspects of triathlon and Covid-19 specific content.




Workshops and Courses

British Triathlon provide the opportunity for coaches to progress along the coaching pathway by completing the courses that allow them to develop from Level 1 up to Level 3. The different levels provide coaches with the capability to coach in different settings, giving them the experiences, skills and confidence to do so.

In addition to the pathway courses, a variety of workshops which focus on specific topics are also available to help coaches learn and develop. These include Strength and Conditioning, Club Coach Leadership and Coaching Children and Young People.



Coaches’ Corner

Above: Paralympic Programme Head Coach, Jonathon Riall, makes his #GreatCoachingPledge.

To help connect coaches and allow them to share ideas and support one another, British Triathlon created Coaches’ Corner, a dedicated Facebook group that provides a forum for coaches to come together and share ideas.

The group also gives coaches the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback and replies from coaches in similar settings, as well as learn from experiences that they may not have had to help build their awareness of scenarios they may face.




Project 21

A part of British Triathlon’s pledge to help coaches develop, Project 21 is a review project through which the organisation is looking at the existing programme for coach education to ensure it supports coaches as well as possible.

There will be a consultation phase, giving existing coaches the opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences and how they would like to be supported in the future.

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