Major Events Technical Official Appointments


British Triathlon have appointed Chief Technical Officials for the 2017 competitive season, covering British Triathlon and Triathlon England Championships, alongside Great Britain Age-Group Team qualifiers.

The British Triathlon Technical Committee have appointed the individuals from a group of officials who have reached the National Technical Official (NTO) qualification level and were eligible for appointment.

2017 Chief Technical Officials

If any official wishes to gain experience and attend a Championship or Major Event, please contact your Regional Officials Coordinator to liaise with the Chief Official.

If you are interested in becoming a Technical Official, we have a number of courses taking place across the country throughout March. The first step on the Officials’ pathway is the Local Technical Official (LTO) qualification, which consists of a one-day course, associated knowledge tester and four practical event shadows, learning from an experienced Technical Official. For more information about the course requisites, please click here.

To find a course near you, please click here. For other quereis, contact


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