SportsAid Week returns for 2021


SportsAid Week 2021 takes place from 20-26 September and offers the perfect opportunity to show your support for the next generation as the charity celebrates its 45th anniversary.

SportsAid Week first took place in 2016 to celebrate the charity’s 40th anniversary. The initiative was launched as a key fundraising drive to support the next generation of British sporting heroes and has received widespread backing over the years from Olympic and Paralympic superstars including Ellie Simmonds, Adam Peaty and Dina Asher-Smith.

Each year, SportsAid Week has been a wonderful week of fun and fundraising for the charity with over £175,000 being donated to support our work since the initiative began. We have seen corporate organisations, individual fundraisers, alumni, currently supported athletes, sports clubs, schools, colleges and universities come together to put on a range of activities.

The #MyMiles Challenge is inspired by SportsAid athletes who cover around 45 miles in training every week, alongside school or university, time with family and social lives. We encouraged supporters to undertake physical activity of their own and post their miles through social media to ‘keep them company’ with a collective total of 83,654 miles so far.

Each and every athlete has been on their own unique journey towards representing their country on the biggest stage of all but a common thread is the commitment, dedication and sacrifice shown by them, and their families, to achieve their ambitions.

We are proud to say over 400 members of SportsAid's alumni competing across the Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo received financial support, recognition and personal development opportunities from the charity at a critical early point in their careers.

We would love you to join us as we strive to raise £45,000 through the #MyMiles Challenge during SportsAid Week this September.

We are encouraging our supporters to undertake their own physical activity, either individually or collectively, linked to the numbers 45, 450, 4,500 or 45,000 - 45 lengths of your local swimming pool, spend 450 minutes practicing yoga, team up with work colleagues to cover a total of 4,500 miles cycling together, or do 45,000 steps over the week and seek donations for your efforts.

Find out more about SportsAid Week and #MyMiles Challenge and donate to the charity by clicking below.


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