Supportive Community and Dedication Define Hoddesdon Junior Tri Club


Hoddesdon Junior Tri Club, in Hertfordshire, is home to 33 members and is one of the biggest junior triathlon clubs in its region.

The club, that is open to 8–21-year-olds, aims to make a positive impact on it’s members.

Twins George and Leo are regulars at the club and it’s the support of their peers that keeps them coming back.

Leo said: “I love doing triathlons. I want to learn more and get better at triathlon and meet the people at the club again.”

George added: “The atmosphere is also really good, and I have lots of friends there.

“The coaches are supportive and really nice. They always get us better.”

It isn’t just regular members who have found the welcoming atmosphere at the club though. One of the club’s newest recruits Isla is also loving her time at Hoddesdon Junior Tri Club.

She said: “I just joined the club. I love it, it’s really supportive and it’s got an amazing group of people. I love how we’ve got different sessions every week.

“I do mountain biking, I do cross country for my school and I swim for Essex so I thought it would be nice to do triathlon as well and I’m really happy I chose to do that.

“I haven’t done any races yet as I haven’t had the opportunity, but I can’t wait until I can.

“The coaches are really supportive, and kind and they make a great atmosphere. They play games with us, but they also teach us without us even knowing it which really helps.”

The club also has a family feel, with mother daughter duo Gemma and Isobel being involved. Mum, Gemma, is a coach at the club and her daughter Isobel is one of the members and the pair both enjoy their time with the club.

Isobel said: “The people keep me coming back. They’re all really supportive.

"I grew up doing triathlon and watching it so it’s kind of wired into my brain. I have grown to love it and I find it really cool doing three sports in one.”

Gemma added: “I love coming down here and having fun. I’m not always in the best mood when I leave work but by the time, I finish a session someone has made me laugh, we’ve generally worked hard but had a lot of fun as well.

“It’s [coaching] one of the most rewarding things you can do because you can encourage, support and just have a lot of fun with people enjoying a sport.”

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