Team USA wins Mixed Relay world title


Team USA won its first ever ITU Mixed Relay world title in Hamburg after Gwen Jorgensen set them off to a winning start. Australia and Germany won silver and bronze. Great Britain finished seventh, whilst ITU President, Marisol Casado, said the event has “all the ingredients’ to be included in Tokyo 2020.

The British team of Lucy Hall, Tom Bishop, Jodie Stimpson and Adam Bowden were put into contention by Stimpson’s strong run, despite her going briefly off course. However, Adam Bowden didn’t have the legs run through for a medal at the end.

The ITU Mixed Relays always draw huge crowds, which appreciated a classy performance from the whole USA team, and a sprint finish between Australia and Germany at the end.

It is hoped that Mixed Relays will be added to the Olympic programme in 2020, and the event will return to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, where England are the defending champions. The Great Britain team as won the ITU world title three times since the event was introduced in 2009.

ITU President Marisol Casado said about the relays this weekend: “I am quite confident that everyone understands that this is something quite good.”

She added: “It is something that athletes like, and it is adding the team values to a very individual sport, which they really like it and appreciate." A decision by the IOC is expected by June 2017 and would be hugely welcomed by British Triathlon.

Results; Hamburg ITU Triathlon Mixed Relay World Championships:

1. United States, 1:20:29
2. Australia, 1:20:58 00:21:14
3. Germany, 1:20:58
7. Great Britain, 1:21:10

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