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Membership of British Triathlon has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Endorsed for racing abroad

Club Insurance

Benefits of having the Club Insurance: Public Liability cover of £15 million, Directors and Officers cover for committee members and other club officials.

Public Liability Insurance

Why do clubs need insurance?

A club and its officers could be found negligent in thier duty to members, participants, spectators, facility providers or the public and as a result be held liable for accident, injury or damage to property or individuals. 

This cover is important because if the club is found to be liable, it may be possible for the damages to be recovered from any/all club members.  

What is included in the insurance?

  • Clubs are insured for Public Liability to a limit of £15 million per incident.  
  • This includes claims arising from club activities while at home or abroad, social functions/meetings, sporting activities of swimming, cycling, running, transition and core strength training, triathlon, duathlon and related multisport events, such as aquathlon, cross triathlon and open water swimming.
  • Clubs are insured against liability caused by their negligence in organising races. This is conditional on the races being registered with a Home Nation Association if the events are open to non-members. This cover also protects organisers, race officials and volunteers involved in the delivery of these events organised by the club.

What is not covered under the Public Liability Insurance?

Non British Triathlon or non Home Nation members are not automatically covered under the club insurance whilst participating in club events unless the club obtains a Day Licence Permit from British Triathlon to cover all of the participants involved in the club run event under Day Membership Licences.

The Public Liability Insurance does not cover: 

  • The insurance does not cover deliberate acts of the club. 
  • The club insurance does not extend to include members of the club.  They will need their own individual membership.
  • This Insurance policy doesn't provide cover for commercial entities linked to the Club were remunerations from events go to profit the commercial entity and not the Club.  The commercial entity will need to arrange their own separate Public Liability Insurance. 


  • Property in control or charge of the club
  • ownership or use of vehicles
  • Liabilities assumed under agreements/contracts
  • The first £500 of each claim (policy excess)

Directors and Officers Liability

Committee members and officers also have the benefit of "Directors and Officers" insurance, which gives cover in the event of actual or alleged mismanagement or a breach of fiduciary duty. Please note that this will not give any cover in respect of an individual's own dishonest or fraudulent actions. 

There is an aggregate limit of £2 million on this aspect of the club insurance; recognising the relatively small amounts of money handled by these organisations. 

Claim example

A barrier separating spectators from participants in the transition area has not been securely fastened and as a result the barrier falls on a spectator injuring them. The incident occurred during a triathlon event organised by an affiliated club and as a result, the spectator is holding the club liable for negligence and the injuries they have sustained. 

By having the club insurance, any legal costs or damages can be recovered from the insurance rather than the individual club members.

Policy Document

Each club will have access to a copy of the Insurance Certificate when they affiliate.

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