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The information below is to give clubs some guide lines on who, within a club's county, can provide advice and guidance on volunteering, club management, events, coaching and participation.


Each county has a County Sports Partnership that are sponsored by Sport England and work to deliver participation in sport within their specified county.  They are a good sources of information and it is advisable for clubs to sign up to their newsletters to keep up to date with latest news and possible funding streams.

This page will laso be updated with other news in each county as it becomes available.

If any club becomes aware of any opportunities in their county please let the Regional Manager, know and he will add to these pages. 


The County Sports Partnership in Lincolnshire is LIncolnshire Sport.


The County Sports Partnership for Derbyshire is Derbyshire Sport.  You will find a wealth of information about club matters, funuding, coaching courses and a lot more that can help your club's development.

Available funding opportunities within the County:

The Postcode Community Trust

The Postcode Community Trust (different to the Peoples Postcode Trust) was established in 2014 to provide grants to charities and community groups that support a range of activities including engagement in sport and advancement of health.  The Trust has launched a Community Grants programme, where charities will be able to apply for amounts ranging from £500 to £20,000 to deliver projects that positively impact their local community.

Applications for up to £2,000 will be open to organisations that are not registered charities.

Applications for between £2,000 - £20,000 will be open to registered charities only.

The Community Grants Programme will be accepting applications for projects that meets one or more of the following funding themes:

·   Advancement of Community Development

·   Advancement of Health

·   Environmental Improvement

Only certain areas can apply at a time.  The round for Derbyshire opens 1st July and closes 31st July 2015.  Looking at how they are running these rounds, I think it is unlikely that another one will open for Derbyshire this year. 

Further details can be found on the Postcode Community Trust’s website.


Persimmon's Community Champions

Persimmon has launched their Community Champions scheme to fund good causes across the UK. In the next 12 months they plan to give away up to £750,000 to fund local community initiatives.

Their charity match programme gives donations of up to £1,000 to local UK groups and charities, which have already raised funds themselves.  Persimmon will be allocating £52K per month.

Their online application form is very straightforward.  They don’t mention anything about projects needing to be near a Persimmon office or development, although they do currently have sites in and around Derby, and have previously built estates elsewhere in the county.  They also don’t mention that the fund has a particular focus.  However, they do ask why your group or charity deserves their donation and how much you’ve raised already. 

If you have a go, I would be grateful if you would let me know how you get on.    



The County Sport Partnership in Northamptonshire is Northamptonshire Sport.

Leicestershire and Rutland

The County Sport Partnership for Leicestershire and Rutland is Leicestershire and Rutland Sport.


The County Sport Partnership for Nottinghamshire is Sport Nottinghamshire.

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