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Leeds and Blenheim Super Series Update


Was a good day for those from the East Region at the Leeds Super Series races with some having raced well at Blenheim the week before

For those who make it into their regional academy they get to race at the Super Series events across the country. One of those was at Leeds as part of the WTS Leeds Triathlon of 9-10th June.

Those racing from the East Region Academy achieved the following notable results:

Youth boys

  • 6th Joe Trim
  • 8th Jack Stanton-Stock
  • 30th Will Browne
  • 32nd Liam Bell
  • 36th Tom Blake
  • 38th Kai Boggon
  • 56th Ethan Reilly
  • 60th Alex Williamson
  • 64th Rhys Dolan.
  • DNF Luhan Bely

Youth Girls

  • 11th Katie Tasker
  • 24th Christina Durbin
  • 30th Emma Lewis
  • 34th Eva McCabe

Junior Boys

  • 12th Peter Cooke

Junior Girls

  • 5th Sinead Clark
  • 12th Sophie Pedder
  • 13th Grace Goodall


The week before was Blenheim where Sinead Clark achieved a podium position:

Junior Girls

  • 2nd Sinead Clarke

Youth Boys

  • 25th Kai Boggon
  • 32nd Will Browne

Youth Girls

  • 5th Katie Tasker
  • 25th Christina Durbin
  • 29th Eva McCabe



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