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Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham

Be the first to know about the Accenture World Triathlon Mixed Relay Nottingham 2019 with event distances for everyone, from first-time triathletes through to Britain’s best age-groupers, along with spectator and volunteering opportunities.

Triathlon Rules & Eligibility

All British Championships are run in accordance with British Triathlon Competition and Technical Rules.

It is the competitors responsiblity to know the rules by which British Championship events are governed, both in relation to the competition rules by which competitors must abide by, but also eligibility rules.

British Championship titles and medals can only be won by individuals who meet the eligibility criteria, as detailed in Section 24 of the rule book, which in summary states:

  • You must be a valid member of one of the Home Nations Associations
  • You must be a legal resident or citizen of the UK

All members planning on taking part in a British Championship event are strongly advised to make themselves familiar with the rules prior to competing.

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