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Costs, Payment and Refunds


All athletes registering their intent to qualify will pay a standard application fee of £10.

Athletes who successfully gain a place in the team will pay an additional international race fee of £20 for team support, plus the official race entry fee. 

The official race entry fee will be paid via British Triathlon and will be charged in GBP. The international race fee will be combined with the race entry fee and contributes to the provision of a Team Manager, masseurs and bike mechanics at the event. British Triathlon will provide as much support as the team size allows.

All costs for an athlete’s travel and accommodation are to be self-funded by the athlete and each athlete is responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements. British Triathlon has an official travel partner, Nirvana Europe, who are able to provide flight and hotel packages specifically tailored for the events.

Payment and Refunds

Successful athletes who have been allocated a place will receive an e-mail requesting full payment of support fee and race entry fee. This payment will be payable to British Triathlon. The deadline for payment will also be stated in the e-mail.

This payment deadline will be set to allow sufficient time to process payment and register all athletes with the race organiser. Any athlete not paying in full by this date will forfeit their allocated place.

There can be no refunds of the £10 application fee or the £20 support fee. Refunds can be given on the race entry fee but only if British Triathlon has not processed the payment with the race organiser.

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