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Discretionary Places

Discretionary places will only be awarded under exceptional circumstances.

To apply for a discretionary place an athlete must submit an application form before the final registration deadline* for a championships. This form is obtainable via an email request to:

  1. All Discretionary Place Applications will be considered within 1 month of the final registration* closing date of the event applied for.
  2. Discretionary Place Applications received before the final registration date will be stored and only reviewed after the final registration deadline*.
  3. Discretionary Place Applications received after 1 month of the final registration deadline* will not be considered.

Athletes must show they had every intention of competing in a qualifying race but due to exceptional circumstances they could not compete. A qualifying race is defined as the specific qualifying race for sprint and standard distance triathlon and duathlon championships, standard distance aquabike or super sprint triathlon championship.

*The final registration deadline is the Friday before the final qualifying race, registration may re-open for registration for British Championship Pre-Qualified athletes to register after the final qualifying race.

If an athlete is applying for a Discretionary Place in a Multisport event. (Multisport events include; middle and long distance triathlon and duathlon, cross triathlon and duathlon, winter triathlon and duathlon and, aquathlon races.) Athletes must demonstrate why they could not compete in a relevant race with a date ranging from 18 months prior to the championship race. 

Discretionary Place Checklist

Before applying, athletes should use the checklist below to make sure they meet all of the required criteria. Athletes should not apply for a discretionary place if they do not meet the very specific criteria. 

To gain a discretionary place an athlete must meet al of the criteria below: 

  1. Register their intent to qualify before 5pm on the final registration deadline* specified on the event registration page and;
  2. Be of proven medal potential for the championship they are applying for, as shown in race results from within the previous 12 months and;
  3. Submit a completed discretionary place application form to before the final registration deadline and;
  4. Have an exceptional reason for why they could not attend a qualifying race. Acceptable reasons may include but are not limited to:
  • Family bereavement
  • Armed force service
  • Full time carer role

Non-acceptable reasons to apply for a Discretionary Place include but are not limited to:

  1. Injury or illness without proven performance post injury/illness; 
  2. Athletes only entering one qualification race and not being able to attend others;
  3. Qualifying races being full except in exceptional circumstances;
  4. Living abroad
  5. Disqualification from a race for any reason


Application Advice

  • If athletes have previous podium success at either Europe Triathlon or World Triathlon level (within the previous 2 years) they should make this clear within their application. 
  • If athletes have consistently placed within the top 10 at Europe Triathlon and World Triathlon competitions, they should make this clear within their application. 
  • If an athlete is applying for a Discretionary Place due to injury or illness, they must provide evidence of post injury performance from a competitive event that reflects the championship format with regards to terrain and distance. A link to results is required 4 months prior to the Championship race.


Decision by the British Triathlon Age-Group Committee

Discretionary applications are reviewed by the British Triathlon Age-Group Committee. Each application will be discussed in relation to the outlined criteria above, the number of roll downs and the possible displacement of another registered athlete. Discretionary Place Applications will not be granted if they push another athlete out contention for a place in the team whether they are qualified or waiting for a rolldown place.

Athletes will be notified of the Age-Group Committees decision by email within six weeks of the final registration deadline for their championships unless the British Championship race of equivalent distance takes place after the final qualifying race, when athletes who have requested a Discretionary Place will be notified within six weeks after the British Championship race.

British Triathlon endeavor to respond Discretionary Place applications within 2 weeks of their submission if possible. The British Triathlon Age-Group Committees decision is final. No Discretionary Places will be awarded prior to the rolldown process having been completed.

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