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Our Pathway

We have six steps in our Pathway


Triathlon is growing hugely at children’s club level; each English Region along with Wales and Scotland are currently running very successful children’s race series. Popularity is such that many events are now over-subscribed. Clubs offer most young athletes their first exposure to the sport and allow children to begin to explore the sport and develop what we hope is a lifelong love for Triathlon. All club coaches and athletes are able to link into Skills School the next step in the Pathway. Whilst currently separate it is hoped over time that these two stages will grow together to become one seamlessly linked stage.

Skills School

Skills School is run regionally across the Home Nations and is designed to expose athletes to triathlon and explore its associated skills. Skills School is open to all, is about developing independent learners and having fun.

Regional Academy

Regional Academy is the first purely performance focused step and is for athletes from the ages of 13 to 19. There are 13 Academies across Britain: 1 in Scotland, 2 in Wales and 10 in England.

Home Nation Talent

Home Nation Talent – normally for 16 to 19 years olds these squads contain the best young triathletes of each Home Nation

Podium Potential

Podium Potential is the first rung of the UK Sport funded World Class Programme and contains athletes who are around 8 years or closer away from the podium


Podium itself is where our very best athletes reside – it is for true World leading medal winning athletes. 

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