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Talent Identification

How should talented athletes get involved?

British Triathlon has 6 steps in it’s Performance Pathway.

The first 2 stages Clubs and Skills School are open to all athletes and are non-selective. Both are excellent introductions to the sport for athletes of any ability. We would encourage all athletes new to the sport to start here as you will be provided with some very valuable input and support that will enable you to develop at a far faster rate. More information on clubs can be found here and Skills School here.

British Triathlon’s first selective pathway stage is Regional Academies. There are 10 Academies in England and 1 in Scotland and 1 in Wales. Selection to Academies is based on a wide range of factors both physical, technical and behavioural that are aligned to British Triathlon’s Athlete Development Framework (ADF).

To assess physical standards British Triathlon uses a swim/run points table to indicate an athletes age and stage potential. While standards vary from region to region a general minimum total of around 300 points will be required to trial (See below for points calculator).

Academies are normally split into 2 categories:

  1. Affiliates or Development Squad (Region dependent)
  2. Full Academy members

Final selection to either Academy, Affiliate or Development Squad is region specific. Academies will vary across regions according to numbers, set up and current standards. Normally, Affiliates or Development Squad members will be expected to score around 320 points as a minimum standard for entry as well as reflect the development and associated professional behaviours aligned to the ADF. Full Academy members normally will need to score in the region of 340 points along with evidencing the supporting behaviours and development in line with the ADF.

As a guide you can calculate your points score using your short course swim (25m pool) and track run times below. 

Guide examples of the short course swim (25m pool) and track run times in each age/gender that trigger 150 points

  Boys Girls
  Swim Run Swim Run
Youth 200m 1500m 200m 1500m
Age 13 02:36.1 05:06.0 02:40.0 05:37.5
Age 14 02:33.1 05:00.0 02:38.4 05:34.2
Age 15 02:30.1 04:54.1 02:36.9 05:30.9
Junior 400m 3000m 400m 3000m
Age 16 05:10.6 10:21.2 05:26.4 11:38.8
Age 17 05:04.5 10:09.0 05:23.2 11:25.1
Age 18 05:00.0 10:00.0 05:20.0 11:15.0

Points Calculator

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(*For the Scottish Academy, use age as of 31 December of the trial year)

For more information on Regional Academies in Scotland please look here and Wales here. For England please download the English Regional Academy Guide here or visit the Regional Academy pages here.

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