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Coaching Children & Young People in Triathlon

Coaching Children & Young People in Triathlon has been designed to support coaches in meeting the complex individual needs and aspirations of the children and young people they work with in the sport of triathlon. 

This workshop will help further enhance the knowledge, skills, and confidence of coaches, enabling them to deliver sessions in a way that meets young triathletes' needs, using the Skills Framework and 4Es Skills Development Matrix. 

To support coaches, working with children and young people, in ensuring practices, behaviours, and methods are consistently holistic in focus, child-centred, and developmentally appropriate. Supporting the development of excellent and effective coaches who plan and deliver creative, engaging sessions in a positive learning environment. 

Pre-requisites and Eligibility Criteria 
  • Hold a Triathlon Coach qualification. 

  • Hold a valid Home Nation/coach membership - either core or ultimate membership. 

What will I learn? 
  • To coach confidently using an increased understanding of child-centred and developmentally appropriate practices, methods, and behaviours. 

  • To be able to apply an increased understanding of the Theories of Learning: Sport Pedagogy, when coaching children and young people in triathlon. 

  • To understand, begin to explore and apply the British Triathlon coaching philosophy and foundation principles to their practice. 

  • To design sessions specifically applicable to coaching children and young people in triathlon. 

Delivery Method 
  • Online workshops lasting 9 hours in total

  • Learners will need a clear and safe space to work out in approximately 2/3m square. 


There is no formal assessment however, you must complete the whole course. 




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