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Home Nation Day Membership

Day Membership is for individuals who are not a Home Nation member of British Triathlon but want to compete in a British Triathlon permitted event taking place in England or Wales.

What is Day Membership?

Day Membership is for individuals who are not Home Nation members of British Triathlon, but are wanting to compete in a British Triathlon permitted event taking place in England and Wales. A Day Membership is not necessary if you are competing in an event in Scotland. Day Membership provides public liability cover for the duration of the event only. 

Where can you purchase Day Membership?

A one-day membership can be purchased while registering and paying for your event online through the British Triathlon online entry system, or directly through an event organiser.

How much is a Day Membership?

Day Membership costs from £1 for competitors aged under 20. For those 20 years and above it costs from £3  

How long is the Day Membership valid for?

Day membership is valid for the duration of the event you are partaking in that you purchased the day membership for and is not transferrable 

Who can purchase a Day Membership?

Day Membership is available for any person taking part in a British Triathlon permitted event of multisport activity from the age of 7 (if their 8th Birthday is before the end of the year that the event is being held).  

What does Day Membership mean?

Day Membership provides an amount of public liability insurance cover up to £15 million. If the accident is not your fault British Triathlon have a free legal service that can support and represent your claim, unless the claim is against another competitor. If the accident is deemed to be your fault, there is a £250 excess to pay, however, whilst you are covered by our insurance provider, you would need to seek an alternative legal service.

What Day Membership doesn’t cover: 

Day Membership does not include the personal accident insurance benefit. British Triathlon's legal services cannot represent both Home Nation members or Day Membership holders involved in an incident at a permitted event because there would be a conflict of interest. Nor can our legal service assist with a claim against the event organiser or an official at in a British Triathlon permitted event.  

Who do I need to tell if I have an accident?

If you are unfortunate to be involved in a triathlon accident, you will need to visit the Insurance Centre as soon as practicable to report the accident. 

Why not join your Home Nation?

Home Nation membership has a wide range of benefits, which include:

  • Lower event entry costs as you don't need to pay the day membership fees.
  • Peace of mind when training and participating with accident legal services, public liability insurance and personal accident insurance.
  • Exclusive discounts and offers from some of the country's biggest triathlon brands.

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