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As a way of supporting competitor safety during permitted events, British Triathlon recruit and train Motorcycle Officials who event organisers can request to attend their events.

Motorcycle Officials assist with the cycle section of the event, ensuring that competitors are safe whilst out on the course by through riding the course with competitors. Motorcycle Officials ensure that all competitors are riding safely and in line with British Triathlon’s competition rules, before reporting any issues back to the Chief Technical Official.

#TriLikeMe - Paul Tillman, Motorcycle Official from Wales

Paul Tillman, Motorcycle Official

Since becoming a qualified Motorcycle Official I’ve really got the bug and just love being involved with it! As a Moto Official we accompany the cyclists around the course ensuring that all the athletes are safe and that they compete in a fair way. I’d never had contact with triathlon before being involved as a Motorcycle Official, but I really enjoy the whole event atmosphere. Each event that I get to officiate at is a highlight, whether it’s a small children’s event or a national one with thousands of competitors. The best bit is to witness the hard work and effort that the competitors put into getting around the course, and the pleasure you get from seeing them after the race as they’ve achieved their goal is incredible! If you enjoy riding a motorbike then this is a great way to try something a little bit different, so #TriLikeMe and get involved!


We asked a few other Motorcycle Officials what they enjoy most about their role…

Gerry Billington: Being able to help participants by ensuring that the events they compete in are safe, as well as being around to chat, advise and help them is why I love being a Motorcycle Official and continue to actively officiate.

Mark Stothart: The enjoyment of watching and supporting people as they strive to, and actually do, achieve their goals whilst also enjoying my passion of my bike makes Motorcycle Officiating a great experience.

Roger Oldroyd: I love the fact that week in week out there are opportunities to support the organisers of local events, and receive the thanks from all the competitors when you see them after the race.

Stuart Kramer: I get to see competitors having fun and being enthused by triathlon first hand, as well as be able to support them by keeping them safe and supported as they go about the cycle element.

Check out our Motorcycle Official Course to #TriLikeaMoto

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How do Motorcycle Officials ensure safe riding?

This is done by positioning themselves at particular hazards, providing an additional on-course marshal role throughout the cycle leg, or any junctions that may pose higher levels of risk to competitors and other road users as a result of the event. Through riding the course with competitors, Motorcycle Officials are able to cover the whole course and track the first and last riders out on the course to ensure that all return safely to transition or be an immediate response to any issues that arise.


How can I become a Motorcycle Official?

All Motorcycle Officials are required to hold an IAM or RoSPA advanced riding qualification. This is to certify that Motorcycle Officials are competent to support cyclists around the course, as well as ensure that cyclists and other road users can safely share the highways. Before suitably qualified riders are allowed to officiate, they must first complete the British Triathlon Motorcycle Official course to provide them with triathlon specific training; and secondly, to complete the qualification, prospective Motorcycle Officials must shadow a fully qualified Motorcycle Official at two events to learn the role in practice.

If you are interested in supporting safe and fair riding at triathlon events through becoming a Motorcycle Official, please follow this link and sign up to the course.

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