Brownlee Centre holds Britain's first young activator course


Young People aged 14-17 were among the first to complete the young activator course in Britain. Learning essential skills which will help them to lead exciting and engaging sessions in their Triathlon Clubs, Schools and Communities.

Saturday 30 September saw the first young activator course in England take place at the Brownlee Centre, Leeds. The course attracted young people aged 14-17 from varies Clubs in the Leeds area and even as far a Hull. The day started off with classroom based work where they learned about what the role of coach is, what the role of a young activator is, health and safety, safeguarding and how to perform an N-check. All were involved in the discussions and activities set, and thoughout the morning the group began to get to know each other.

After a very productive morning in the classroom, the focus shifted to putting their new knowledge into practise, as they we tasked with planning, setting up and then leading their 15 minute activity for the rest of the group to participate in. They split off into pairs and looked through various resources to re-invent an activity to be more fun but still keep the learning aspect. 

The four pairs were given a topic to base their activities on: Warm-up, Transition Game, Interval Session and a Team Relay. They had written their plans and came out the Brownlee Centre track to set up for their activities. There was much fun had through out all the activities and the afternoon saw young people who barely knew each other in the morning become friends. 

At the end of the day, everyone had a de-brief from the day and were presented their certificates and Young Activator T-shirts, leaving with the knowledge to go back to their clubs, schools and local communities to lead sessions and encourage more young people to take up triathlon.

There will be more Young Activator courses rolled out across the UK in the future. To find out more about the role of an Activator click here

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