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Making Swim Bike Run a regular for the people of Doncaster


Swim Bike Run has been brought to the people of Doncaster by Team Animis, who are running Swim Bike Run Local events to give the community the chance to get active, socialise and have fun.

One of those who got involved in the run, bike, run format event is Philippa. She found triathlon after picking up an injury while running.

She explained: “My running took a dramatic change following a ruptured Achilles in 2018 when I fell over a branch while running in the woods. I physically could not run and had to learn basic skills again such as balancing, hopping, jumping, and looking up when running instead of head down.

“The mental positivity was difficult as I had to try and accept that this was going to be a very slow rehabilitation. I was told this during appointment with a consultant orthopaedic surgeon that I may never run the same again. I remember being so determined that no, this was not going to happen to me.

“This turning point in my running brought me to thinking about other sporting disciplines and I started searching online and found Team Animis’ events. I was intrigued about these events and started participating.”

Sign up for Team Animis’ next Swim Bike Run Local in November and take part with Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Sam Dickinson! Click to register now.

Fast-forward to 2022 and Philippa was joining the monthly sessions at Doncaster Cycle Park, an event that she really enjoys with the support of Team Animis.

She said: “Team Animis have always made it a friendly, inclusive event no matter of age or ability, with the ethos of ‘encouraging individuals to reach and exceed their own goals’.  

“These events have a distance for children who may participate and then two different distances for adults that we can choose from. The event is not officially timed but individuals can time themselves if they wish and then look back on their own achievements.  

“There is always a relaxed friendly atmosphere from Team Animis, which has helped increase my confidence and belief in my abilities in being able to bike and run. I look forward to the monthly duathlons as it is a time for me to enjoy, participate and achieve in the event. The warm welcome from friendly faces who encourage the participants during the event is brilliant.” 

The next Swim Bike Run Local with Team Animis takes place in November where Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Sam Dickinson will be joining the action. Sign up now!

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