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Skills School


27 athletes attended the second Skills School day in Tameside, in Greater Manchester.

The day started with icebreakers and some basic movement pattern exercises including engaging key muscle groups and familiarisation between athletes and coaches.  There were hula hoops, juggling, medicine balls and agility ladders!

Despite the chilly temperatures, athletes engaged wholeheartedly in the cycle skills sessions, and the transition relay games, with smiles and laughter evident across the day.  After a short break, the day concluded with a quality run session, and then a chance to bring all the skills together with a mini-duathlon, along with a chance to reflect and a chance to improve.

The day was supported by a team of 5 coaches, one of which was Mike Galloway, Senior Coach at Rochdale Triathlon Club.  Mike said “I think all coaches, including adult coaches, should attend a Skills School day – there’s so much to learn and so many benefits to thinking about things differently!”

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