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Coaching for the next generation


When James Porter reached the top of the youth section at Farnham Tri Club he wanted to give back and support those coming up through the system so got involved with coaching at the club and regional academy.

“I first started to volunteer coach for my local triathlon club in about 2016,” Porter commented. “I was 15 when I got a bit too old to continue training with the youth section so decided to use my experience.

“Once I had turned 16, I completed my Level 1 triathlon coaching qualification so I could become more involved with the coaching side of the sport and further my experience and knowledge.”

British Triathlon run a coaching pathway that provides coaches and aspiring coaches with the skills and opportunities to learn, develop and grow their coaching ability to support triathletes.

The first step on the pathway is Level 1 which allows the coach to lead and deliver sessions within a club environment and has been developed to teach the fundamentals of sport coaching. You can find out more about Level 1 coaching qualification by clicking here.

“It wasn’t until the 2018/2019 session where I asked Scott Murray if I could shadow him and the other coaches at the South Central Academy,” added Porter. “He offered me one better with the offer of being an assistant coach for the monthly training weekends.

“I had been in the academy for the previous 2 or 3 years before that but had decided not to go for trials that year due to the pressures of A-Levels, so thought it would be a perfect way to give back for the years of support and advice Scott, Di and the other coaches had given me.”

As part of his role within the academy, Porter will be using his university summer holiday this year to help with their training week during August.

“I have helped out with one previously during the February half term of 2019 and hugely enjoyed the experience, so when Scott asked if I was available it was an easy yes,” he said.

“Unfortunately, over the last year and a half, I’ve been at university and I haven’t been able to offer my support as an assistant coach due to the distance between Leeds and the school near Banbury where the training weekends are based.

“I’m looking forward to being able to get back into a coaching role and once again improve on my knowledge and experience from the athletes and the other coaches I will be working alongside.”

UK Coaching Week 2021 took place from 7-13 June, supporting and celebrating coaches and around the country and the great work they do in a variety of settings.

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