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Age Group Clean Sport Education

British Triathlon enforces a stringent Anti-Doping Policy that adheres to guidelines recommended by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

All athletes have the right to compete in sport knowing that they, and their competitors, are clean. The use of performance-enhancing drugs and doping activity severely damages the legacy of sport and undermines the integrity of true athletes. To find out more about British Triathlon's stance on Anti-Doping and clean sport click here.

Clean Sport FAQ's for Age-Group

Can Age-Group athletes be tested?

Age-Group athletes are bound by the British Triathlon Anti-Doping Rules (the UK Anti-Doping Rules) which specify that any athlete at any level in the UK could be tested at any time. For further information on this testing programme please visit the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) website.

Age-Group athletes competing in ITU and ETU Championships are also bound by the ITU Anti-Doping Rules whereby all athletes are subject to the ITU test distribution plan.

Where can I find the Anti-Doping Rules?

  • The UK Anti-Doping Rules can be found here.
  • The ITU Anti-Doping Rules can be found here.

What happens during a test?

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basic procedures of doping control should you be selected for testing – please visit the UKAD website.

For further information please watch UK Anti-Doping’s video on the testing process.   

What are my rights and responsibilities should I be selected for Doping Control?

Your rights and responsibilities from the moment you are notified of selection for doping control to completion of the sample collection process and the doping control form (DCF) can be found here:  

Remember that you can be accompanied by a representative of your choice during the test and this is strongly recommended for minors under the age of 18. The Doping Control Officer must be of the same gender as you as they will be the person who watches the sample being collected.

I’m taking medication, how do I know if it is allowed?

It is your responsibility to check that any and all medications you may use do not contain banned ingredients; you can do this using the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. Using the list, you will need to check each of the ingredients listed on the product label. Alternatively, you can search the prohibited status of medications by brand name (e.g. Lemsip Max Strength) using Global DRO. Global DRO allows you to search for medications purchased in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland or Japan to check its prohibited status. Remember to print out or save your search for future reference. Be aware that medications bought abroad may contain different substances to the same product available in the UK.

Be aware that products and medications may change their ingredients over time so you will need to re-check each time you start using a new bottle, tub, packet etc. WADA update the List annually on 1st January, but updates may be added throughout the year as and when new substances and methods are deemed to be prohibited. We highly recommend that you check and re-check your medications each time the List is updated as new prohibited substances may have been added. We do not expect you to read or memorise the List in full but instead be aware of its existence and how to check ingredients on it. We also recommend that you keep a record of your searches for future reference.

For further information please visit the UKAD website.

My medication contains a prohibited substance, what should I do?

Some medications may contain substances which are included on the WADA Prohibited List. If you need to take such a medication for a genuine medical reason we recommend that you ask your doctor if there are any alternative medications or methods that could be used that are not prohibited.

If you are tested and you then receive notification that the result of that test is adverse you will need to apply for a retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). You will have five working days from the notification of an adverse finding in which to apply for a retroactive TUE. You can do this by downloading a form from the UKAD website  and applying directly to UKAD. You will need your doctor to complete part of the form and supply recent medical evidence.

You will not need to apply for a TUE in advance of a competition or for out-of-competition.

I use a supplement, what is your advice?

There is a risk associated with the use of any supplement and it is your responsibility to manage that risk by assessing the need and possible consequences of using a supplement. The biggest risk of inadvertently doping is by consuming a supplement product that contains a prohibited substance. This could be due to contamination during production or a product not listing all its ingredients, or listing ingredients differently to how they appear on the WADA Prohibited List, on its label. Remember, under the principal of Strict Liability, it is your body therefore it is your responsibility for any substance that is found in it regardless of how it got there and whether it was intentional or not. Firstly, assess the need for taking a supplement (including vitamins and sports drinks) then assess the risks involved. If you decide to use a supplement then assess the consequences that could happen following a positive test.

Once you have competed the above process, should you decide to use a supplement, British Triathlon recommends that you minimise your risk by using products that have been batch-tested through the risk minimisation programme Informed Sport. Informed Sport lists all the batches of products that have been tested for WADA prohibited substances. Remember, the risk is only minimised as there is no guarantee that a batch-tested product is ‘safe’; only a small sample is tested and there is a risk that the remainder of the batch could be contaminated.

If you decide to use a supplement you must understand that you do so at your own risk. Remember, even if you have followed the above advice and use an Informed-Sport batch-tested product, if your doping control sample is found to contain prohibited substances as a result of the use of supplements you would still be liable for disciplinary hearings which could still lead to a sanction and possible ban.

Please visit the UKAD website for further information.

I’ve checked the ingredients of the supplement I use (that has not been certified by Informed Sport) against the WADA Prohibited List and the supplement contains a prohibited substance, what should I do?

Don’t use it! Not only may this lead to a ban if you were found to have a prohibited substance in your body, it could also be damaging to your health. Instead, read the information above and on the UKAD website. Assess the need, risk and consequences of using a supplement and if you decide that you still want to go ahead with supplement use you can minimise your risk by using an Informed Sport batch-tested product (see above FAQ).

How can I report any information or concerns I may have about doping?

If you would like to anonymously report any information or concerns related to doping you can call the confidential Crimestoppers Report Doping in Sport Hotline on +44 (0) 8000 32 23 32 or you can submit information via a secure online form. Alternatively you can contact the UKAD Intelligence and Investigations Team at

How can I keep up-to-date with Clean Sport information?

You can follow UKAD on social media:

Facebook – or

Twitter - or @UKAntiDoping

Or download the UKAD 100% Me Clean Sport App for iOS or Android  devices.

Who can I contact for further information?

To speak to somebody at British Triathlon please email or call +44 (0) 1509 226 161.

To speak to somebody at UKAD please email or call +44 (0) 20 7842 3450.

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