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Regional League Tips


With the 2018 East Region Adult League now under way here are some tips to help you maximise your ranking and your club's ranking.

Tips to improve Individual's Rankings

  1. Ensure you have "East" listed as the region on your British Triathlon / Triathlon England membership card.
  2. Ensure you use (and correctly type) your membership number when entering events.
  3. Enter at least three events in the league of different distances.  Ensure one is standard distance or longer and that one is sprint distance or shorter.  Though if you are 17-19 you only need 3 sprint or shorter.
  4. Picking Championships events will likely earn you more points than other league events as they carry 10% more points.
  5. You do have a chance at smaller events of finishing with a time closer to that of your genders winner, which could earn you more points.  Points are awarded by your time in comparison to your gender winners time.

Tips to improve your Club's Rankings

  1. Encourage your club mates to join British Triathlon and enter races.  Whilst a solo sport, triathlon is incredibly friendly and sharing the race experiences is a great way to enjoy our sport and to encourage others into it.
  2. Ensure your club mates have your club listed on the British Triathlon / Triathlon England membership card. 
  3. Do get your club mates to use their membership number when entering races.
  4. Getting at least two ladies and at least three gents from your club (who are TE members) along to the start and finish line of five different league events.  Clubs earn points for their two best placed ladies and three best placed men at each of the league races.  The club's five best event scores count to their club league rankings. Better to get at least five club members to five races than to get a couple of members to go to a dozen races.
  5. Don't worry if you are a small club.  The league was designed by the volunteers on the regional committee so as to not to favour the big clubs that can attend an event and swamp it with their members.
  6. Do support the events in the league that they are the regional championships.  They do carry 10% more points.
  7. Do support the Regional Relays at the Bedford Relays, as with 3 teams you can score 20% more points for your club than you can at a standard league event.  The Relays are also great fun.

A special thank you needs to go to the volunteer league coordinator with his spreadsheets and all the event organisers that accommodate the league.

League coordinator can be contacted via adultleague@triathlonenglandeast.org. 


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