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IRC Selection

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IRC Selection Policy for 2022-23


The purpose of the policy is to select team members and reserves for the Inter Regional Championships.


- Best Performance: The policy aims to identify each athlete’s best performance across the selection races. Other performances are not considered.

- All races equal: The policy gives no additional weighting or significance to any of the selection races.

- Maximise opportunity: Athletes only require one performance, but may compete in all of the selection races.

The policy is designed to minimise the effects of favouritism, race distance, race format, bad performances, bad luck, and the performances of other competitors.

Weaknesses. No policy can be perfect. The primary weakness of this policy is that the result might be skewed by relative differences in the winning performances in each event.

Additional note: The selection races do not form a mini league.


The selection process

There are 4 team members and 1 reserve from each of the 4 categories (TS2 boys and girls, TS23 boys and girls)

There are three qualifying races for thi season.

These are listed on the East Region Junior Race Series Page, highlighted in BOLD. Find races here 


Each performance is given a score.
Race winner: 1000 points
Other finishers: (winner’s time / finisher’s time) * 1000

Each performer’s highest score (only) is considered.

The team is the four performers with the highest scores.

In the event of a tie (where only one place is available and two competitors have the same best score), selection will be decided by the Regional Head Coach whose decision is final. Races are typically chip-timed to the second, so ties are very rare.


Appeals against a race result must be made using the process for that race and if upheld will be considered during the selection process.
Appeals against the implementation of the selection process must be made in writing to the Regional Chair.


Race 1.

1. Child A - 18:22 (1000pts) <- Guaranteed place for Child A
2. Child B - 19:09 (959)
3. Child C - 19:59 (919)
4. Child D - 20:54 (879)

Race 2.

1. Child A - 21:18 (1000)
2. Child B - 21:41 (982) <- Best score achieved by Child B
3. Child E - 22:32 (945) <- Best score achieved by Child E
4. Child C - 23:30 (906)

Race 3.

1. Child A - 23:47 (1000)
2. Child B - 24:45 (961)
3. Child C - 25:17 (941) <- Best score achieved by Child C
4. Child D - 25:30 (933)

The selection sequence is:

Child A - 1000
Child B - 982
Child E - 945
Child C - 941

Child D's best score is 933. (reserve)

Useful Info:

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