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East Junior Series Events

The regional series is open to athletes between the ages of 8 & 18 (age as of December 31st 2023) 

East Junior Series 2023


To be entered for the East Junior Race Series standing athletes must either live within the East area or be a current member of a East Triathlon registered club and be a British Triathlon Home Nation member.


There are six age classifications based on year of birth. Age for each group are as of 31st December 2023:

•             TriStart:  8 years old (born 2015)

•             TriStar 1: 9-10 years old (born 2012/2013)

•             TriStar 2: 11-12 years old (born 2012/2011)

•             TriStar 3: 13-14 years old (born 2010/2009)

•             Youth:   15-16 years old (born 2008/2007)

•             Junior: 17-18 years old (born 2005/2006)


Overall positions in the series will be based on the best 6 event results from across the series. In addition, there will be trophies for the highest accumulated points across all events in the series.

Overall positions in 2023 will be based on points, the winning athlete in each category will be awarded 1000 points, points are then rewarded based on the time difference behind the winning time, not just positions.  See FAQ below for further details.

Athlete Details 

Please ensure, when athletes complete race entry forms athletes use the same name (in full) that is displayed on the competitors British Triathlon membership card. This ensures that points are allocated to the correct athlete.


Please get in touch with the Darren and Sharon Elsdon  East Region Junior Series Coordinators so they can answer any queries and add you to the contact list to provide direct updates prior races.  You should also make contact if you interested in Inter-Regional Championship.

The Regional Junior Series will also post updates on the East Region Triathlon England Facebook page so please ensure you like the page to get up to date information.

Series Events 2023

Thank you to all the event orgnasiers for making this race series possible in 2023

Date Event Name Format Entry Link
25th March Walden Junior Duathlon Duathlon Enter Here
15th April  Norwich Junior Triathlon  Triathlon  Enter Here 
21st May

Stradbroke Junior Aquathlon 

Aquathlon Enter Here 
27th May

East Essex Kids Triathlon 

Triathlon Enter Here
4th June
Cambridge (Rob McLean) Junior Triathlon (IRC Qual)
Triathlon Enter Here 
18th June  TriForce Juniors Triathlon (IRC Qual) Triathlon  Enter Here 

9th July 

Chelmsford Discover Tri's Children Triathlon (IRC Qual)
Triathlon Enter Here 
15th July  The Leighton Buzzard Triathlon Triathlon Enter Here
20th August  Oundle Childrens Triathlon (Active Training World) Triathlon Enter Here 
3rd September  Duck and Dash Aquathlon  Aquathlon  Enter Here 

BOLD = IRC Qualifier


Current Standings 

Standings will be updated below throughout the course of the season, with points awarded from recent event results aimed to be displayed within 10 working days.

Please Note, results standings may not reflect final outcome of the Regional Junior Series with end of season ranking to be verified by the Regional Committee based on the rules outlined at the start of the season.


Current Standings Series Facebook Page


Additional Non-Series Racing Opportunities - Coming soon

Date Event Name Format Entry Link
26th March  Basildon Aquathlon  Aquathlon  Enter Here 
Sunday's Monthly  GO TRI Local Hitchin  Duathlon/Triathlon Enter Here
Monday's Monthly  GO TRI Local Stradbroke  Aquathlon  Enter Here 

How are points calculated?

The East Junior Race Series is governed by the East Triathlon Regional Committee. All races are sanctioned by British Triathlon and therefore competitors and spectators must abide by the rules of the British Triathlon.  

Points are calculated based on the winning time with the winner receiving 1000 points. Subsequent results are calculated by dividing the winning time by the recorded time for all other athletes and multiplying the result by 1000 (eg winner in 18mins gets 1000pts,  2nd place finishes in 18 minutes 36. 18 mins divided by 18mins 36 * 1000 = 968 and therefore the 2nd place finisher would would receive 968 points for that race).

If a race is cancelled or is deemed not to have met the level of quality that we require from a race then the committee have the right to amend the number of points scored by the winner and the number of qualifying races to count in the series.

IRC Qualification

A national initiative in which each region pits its best 16 tristars (categories Tristar 2 and 3, with 4 boys and girls from each) against the other regions for the honour of the region being called the Inter Regional Champions. 

Selection of the East team is based on best performances in 3 qualifying events that are part of the East Regional Race Series. 

IRC Selection

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