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4. Intelligent Training

In a sport as physical as triathlon training plays a huge part in any success.

Above: This VideoScribe explains Intelligent Training.

As we have already identified Training as Play is the foundation on which our Athlete Development Framework is built. With it athletes learn to balance the competing elements of passion and purpose as they travel along the Pathway. Intelligent training is about ensuring complete clarity on that purpose.

This begins by simply being exposed to and enjoying purposeful training to exploring structure, methodologies and the athletes individual needs. Over time this develops to enhancing and then excelling at managing and understanding all the dynamics that support excellent performance.

Athlete Insights

Here is what Helen and Olympic Bronze Medallist Vicky Holland have to say:

How much do you understand about the training you do?

HJ - I understand all of it for sure and I really like the physiology side – I like the numbers on the bike and in the pool; I am 32 and still learning. This year for example we have done a lot more with the physiologist than previously and it has really worked. It has been a continuous learning process right from when I started in the sport at the age of 15 and one that I have always enjoyed engaging with.

VH - Like Helen I understand all of what I do in training – that hasn’t always been the case though. I think it took me till I was around the age of 27, as well as having exposure to a few different coaching programmes, to really work out what worked for me. The further I have got in my career the more I have wanted to understand and so the more I have understood.

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