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The Learning hub is the e-learning resource for all British Triathlon Coaches.

Legacy Courses


Level 1 Coaches  

Level 1 coaches qualified prior to October 2016 are Assistant Coaches and continue with their remit as such.  

Level 1 coaches post October 2016 are qualified to coach and deliver (pre-planned) sessions or plan basic sessions (reviewed by a higher qualified triathlon coach) in a range of club environments, their remit still stands.  

2023 Learning and Education Framework 

Over the past decade or so, coach education has experienced a gradual evolution, bringing about positive changes and enhancements to the coaching pathway. 

In 2020, British Triathlon took a proactive step by collaborating with an external research company to conduct extensive consultations and research. This involved actively listening to and closely working with participants, clubs, coaches, activators, and other key stakeholders. Known as Project 21, this initiative served as a pivotal moment, igniting a transformative project aimed at revolutionizing the way we educate and support our vast network of coaches, activators, and leaders. This endeavour seeks to address the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of triathlon, ensuring that our Education and Learning Strategic Framework is better aligned with the needs of the sport. Commencing from September 2023, we are embarking on a phased launch of the new Education and Learning Strategic Framework, which represents the first opportunity to reimagine the overall training and development structure for coaches, activators, and leaders since the introduction of the UKCC in 2006. This undertaking is expected to make a significant and lasting impact on the sport, shaping its trajectory for years to come. 

If you hold an existing Level 1 or Level 2 coaching qualification, there is no specific requirement to retrain or requalify, but we hope that our current coaches are excited by the new opportunities to continue their development in coaching. 

All existing qualifications will continue to be recognised and you can continue to operate within your remit. 

If you currently hold a Level 1 or Level 2 coaching qualification, there is no mandatory requirement to undergo retraining or requalification. However, we sincerely hope that our existing coaches will embrace the new opportunities available to further their coaching development. We are thrilled to offer avenues for on-going growth and improvement in coaching skills and knowledge. Rest assured that all your existing qualifications will continue to be recognised and valued within our framework. We are committed to supporting coaches at every stage of their journey and ensuring that their expertise is acknowledged and respected. 

If you currently hold a Level 1 coaching qualification and aspire to advance to the new Group Coach qualification, we wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. With the realignment of the Foundation coach, you may discover that some of the content covered in the Group Coach qualification is familiar to you. However, this presents an excellent opportunity for you to refresh and reinforce your knowledge in those areas. Embracing the Group Coach qualification allows you to enhance your coaching capabilities, expand your skill set, and broaden your expertise. We value your commitment to continuous improvement and are excited to support you on your journey to the next level of coaching excellence. 

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