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All Level 1 & 2 coaching courses run from October to April. Courses for 2019-2020 were released in July . with further courses added on demand.

Becoming a Coach?

People become coaches for a variety of reasons, perhaps a parent wanting to help out with their child’s club, or an experienced age-group athlete wanting to give something back to the sport they enjoy. 

Whatever the reason, it can be a rich and rewarding role helping others develop and achieve their personal triathlon challenges. The role of the coach is vital to the success of all participants at every level.

Levels of coaching vary and can be very informal at the entry level and in clubs. At the other end of the spectrum highly qualified coaches work with high performing athletes.

We can offer a range of qualifications and continuing professional development opportunities to suit any aspiring coach. 

Where to Start

If you don’t have any experience of coaching, a good starting point would be to shadow a coach at your local triathlon club, they will appreciate the help and you will get a feeling of what coaching actually is. Try and support a variety of people, working with young people can bring a set of different challenges, but also be one of the most rewarding groups to work with.

When ready, have a look at our qualifications and courses to find out the best route for getting started on your triathlon coaching journey.

Please note- you will require either core or ultimate membership to access coaching courses- the essential membership does not have the required insurance cover. 

Level 1 Triathlon Coach 

Updated for 2016, this qualification will allow coaches to deliver sessions independently. Accessible to all learners, an understanding of triathlon is useful but not essential.

Course content includes 

  • Safety in coaching triathlon activities. 
  • Preparing sessions for delivery.
  • Develop key coaching and technical skills.

Learners will have access to an online resource, Learning Hub, with the technical components of the sport across swim, cycle, run and transitions.

Course Overview 

  • 3-day course.
  • A blend of Practical delivery, e-learning and group discussion and a short assessment.
  • Between 10-14 hours of home study learning and assessment tasks via Learning Hub.
  • Qualified Coaches can prepare, deliver (independently), review safe and effective sessions in a range of controlled environments.

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Level 2 Triathlon Coach  

Fully updated in 2016, with new learner resources, online assessment and innovative delivery methods on course to give coaches an engaging learning experience.

This course is accessible to learners who hold a Level 1 triathlon coaching qualification or who have experience of coaching and meet the direct entry requirements.

Course Content 

  • Understanding and analysing athletes.
  • Planning a series of sessions.
  • Working with  a range of ages, abilities and aspirations.
  • Coaching safety including open water swimming.


  • 5 days course.
  • The initial 4 days will focus on practical delivery.
  • The final day will include assessment, personal review and action planning with your course tutor.
  • 40-60 hours of home study work (e-learning and assessment).

Qualified Level 2 coaches can plan, lead and evaluate coaching sessions and blocks of progressive sessions. They can work in a wider range of environments including coaching in Open Water.

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