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Foundation Coach

To kickstart your coaching journey, this qualification is structured to help you develop a foundational understanding of coaching and equip you with a diverse set of skills that will enable you to confidently facilitate basic coaching sessions. On completion of the qualification, you will be able to plan and deliver safe coaching activities under the supervision of a more qualified coach. 

The course follows a blended learning approach involving a series of self-led online learning modules, two online workshops facilitated by a tutor, one face-to-face development day and some home study to be completed in the form of planning and delivering three coaching sessions.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility Criteria 

Minimum age: 14 years. 

Core or Ultimate Membership

What will I learn? 
  • Understand the requirements of the course and the assessment process. 
  • Understand the role of a foundation coach. 
  • Recognise good practice for Foundation Coaches, taking into consideration professional ethics, values, and adherence to appropriate legislation. 
  • Understand the sport of Triathlon and the environment in which it takes place. 
  • What equipment and clothing are safe and appropriate in a Triathlon environment, and how do you check If they are safe for coaching sessions. 
  • The key components of ensuring the health and safety of participants and how to establish and maintain a safe coaching environment.  
  • How to plan safe and effective coaching activities. 
  • How to deliver safe and effective coaching activities. 
  • How to monitor and review coaching activity. 
  • How to engage, communicate with, and support participants in the safe enjoyment of coached activities. 
  • Understand basic approaches to coaching children and young people effectively. 
  • Understand the basic swimming techniques used in Triathlon and the key considerations for coaching in an open water environment. 
  • Understand the basic cycling techniques used in Triathlon. 
  • Understand the basic running techniques used in Triathlon. 
  • Understand the basic techniques used in Transition. 
  • How to develop your own coaching practice. 
Delivery Method 
  • Two online workshops facilitated by a tutor. 
  • Ten self-led online learning modules. 
  • One face-to-face development day.
  • Home study involving coaching 3 sessions.

Task 1 Practical Coaching Observation

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your coaching abilities by planning and delivering a 15-minute coaching activity. You will deliver the activity during the face-to-face development day, with a group of other learners on your course participating and the course tutor observing.

Task 2 Coaching Experience

You will gain practical coaching experience by planning, delivering, and evaluating three coaching sessions in the context of a triathlon club environment.

Task 3 Knowledge Check Quizzes

You will be required to complete short knowledge check quizzes accompanying a selection of the self-led online learning modules.

Task 4 Developing as a Coach

You will leverage the knowledge gained during the course and your practical coaching experience to develop a coaching philosophy and create an action plan for your future coaching.

The course tutor will check in with you throughout your learning experience and use these tasks to make a formative assessment of your level of competence and understanding.

Additional Information

All coaches, over the age of 18 years of age must now complete and retain safeguarding training which can be done before or during your course, however, must be in place prior to completion of your course. This is an extra cost of up to £33. Without this, you will not be sanctioned or insured to coach once qualified to do so. For further details please see here.

CIMSPA Endorsed

The Foundation Coach Award is endorsed by CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity), meaning our course meets all the requirements of CIMSPA's Coaching Assistant Professional Standard. Once you qualify, you're eligible to become a CIMSPA Practitioner member. This membership confirms to employers, clients, colleagues, and the public that you've got the necessary qualifications and keep up with continuous professional development (CPD). It's a straightforward way to show you're on top of your game in the coaching world. To find out more, click here.





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