Learning Hub

The Learning hub is the e-learning resource for all British Triathlon Coaches.

Attendance & Computer Access

Attendance on course 

Learners must attend all elements of the course. 

With online webinars the expectation is that learners will attend all of these in person- whilst we will aim to record sessions it is not possible to guarantee this.    

Due to the way the courses are organised, it is not possible to attend elements on different courses from that booked onto.  Missed sections may result in additional fees to complete the award or qualification. 

Access to a computer 

Our online workshops are thoughtfully designed to be accessible and engaging, delivered through the popular video conferencing platform, Zoom. Whether you prefer to join from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily participate in the workshops from the comfort of your own space. However, it's important to consider your environment to ensure you get the most out of the sessions. We recommend finding a quiet and distraction-free location, such as your home or a peaceful workspace, where you can fully concentrate and actively engage in the workshop. By selecting an optimal setting, you'll create an atmosphere conducive to learning, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the workshop content and make the most of the interactive sessions. 

We are committed to providing our learners with a seamless and engaging learning experience. To facilitate this, we utilise an online Moodle platform called Learning Hub. The Learning Hub serves as a comprehensive virtual learning environment, hosting a wide range of self-led online learning modules, resources, and additional reading materials. Learners enrolled in our courses have convenient access to this platform, allowing them to supplement their learning journey and dive deeper into the course content at their own pace. The Learning Hub offers a user-friendly interface, empowering learners to navigate through the various modules, track their progress, and engage with interactive materials. We believe that the integration of this innovative platform enhances the overall learning experience, providing learners with valuable resources and tools to support their growth and success throughout their course.

Learning Hub

Please note that all learners must have access to a suitable internet-connected device throughout the duration of the learning program. The Learning Hub, which is accessible via tablets, Mac, PC, and smartphones, provides a flexible learning experience tailored to your preferred device, allowing you to engage with the course materials seamlessly. 

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